Teach mode: Lead your students through a Lesson

Teach mode is the presentation view of a Lesson that is designed to be used up the front of the classroom or with video conferencing.


Teach mode allows you to model the Lesson with students and view per question analytics directly on the page. You can see where students are up to and what they’re having difficulty with, and it enhances the collaborative nature of teaching with Stile. This view also hides the content editing tools and the Teaching notes that are present in Prepare mode.

Each Lesson in Stile has three views: Prepare, Teach, and Analyse. Learn more about the differences between each view here.

Teach mode enables the following activities:


Release the Lesson to the Class

Teach mode focuses on a single Class when presenting, and so you can select which Class to view. If the Lesson is hidden to that Class, then you will also have the option to release it. If you don't want your students to jump ahead before you begin teaching the Lesson, then keep it hidden until you are ready to present.



At the top of the page, select which Class you are currently teaching from the Class selector menu. A note will appear next to the menu if the Lesson is currently hidden from the Class. Click the Release button and the Lesson will appear on your students' Lessons page instantly.

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Present videos and interactive content

Some Lesson content is best served to everyone at once, rather than directing students to view it in their own time. Some videos are excellent discussion starters, for example. Escape room simulations make excellent backdrops as you lead your students through the associated challenges. Internet bandwidth or content blocks might also be a consideration in schools where only teachers can view YouTube videos.



Teach mode presents the video and simulation widgets in the same way that they are seen in the Student view. The editing tools and Teaching notes visible in Prepare mode are hidden away to avoid any distraction.

Tip: Uploaded videos also have the option of viewing a picture-in-picture mode, which you can find to the right of the Fullscreen mode button. Use picture-in-picture when you want to pause the video and scroll back up to review the information that was mentioned earlier in the Lesson.

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Run a poll or brainstorm

The Poll and Brainstorm widgets are designed to be used live in the classroom, and they can be especially useful when teaching remotely via video conferencing. They give your students a chance to offer input without raising their hands or speaking up, and the responses can be presented anonymously. It's a great incentive for students to engage when they might otherwise be too shy in front of their peers.



The controls at the top of the poll or brainstorm will only apply to the Class that you are currently teaching. All of your students' responses will appear on your screen in real-time. You can control when your students are able to respond and whether or not they can see each other's responses on their screens.

By default, responses to these questions appear anonymous. The Brainstorm has the option to show student initials on each response. Clicking on poll response options will display who chose each option.

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Demonstrate how to answer a question

If a student is unsure about how to interact with a question, then you can help guide them by interacting with the question in Teach mode. Your answers to questions in Teach mode are not saved and your example responses in this view do not appear on your students' screens.



Note: Because answers are not saved in Teach mode, you should not use this view to create model answers. Learn how to make and edit model answers here.

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Discuss answers and student responses 

You might want to review responses with the Class during or after a Lesson. Each question in Teach mode is equipped with student-friendly views of their responses as well as the model answers. This allows you to get ahead of common misconceptions while your students are working, and it also allows you to highlight really great responses as well as offer constructive guidance on others.



Click the Show responses button above a question to display student responses. Polls, Multiple-choice questions, and True/False questions will show the number of student responses for each option. Clicking this button above an open-ended question will open Quick review so you can scroll through individual responses. Student responses in this view are anonymous by default. 

Click the Show answer button above a question to reveal its model answer. Multiple-choice and True-False questions will display the appropriate ticks and crosses. All other questions will be highlighted in a pale yellow background and display the full model answer.

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Learn more about using Teach mode effectively

Stile is so much more powerful and engaging when it's used to augment a teacher-led classroom session, as opposed to being a set-and-forget homework task. If you'd like to learn more about how to use Teach mode to deliver amazing lessons, you can register for a Professional Learning session in your nearest major city or attend virtually. Learn more about Stile PL and register here.


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