Real-time analytics with Class insights

Class insights is a fantastic tool for formative assessment, flipped learning and visible learning that gives you a snapshot of students' learning process at any time.


Class Insights shows at a glance:

  1. Who has (or hasn't!) started and submitted their work (the blue boxes in the top left)
  2. a graphic real-time analysis of students' multiple choice responses (the right-hand side)
  3. a results distribution graph for assessments in the bottom right.


Where is Class insights?

Head to the Markbook page inside of any subject:

Find your lesson in the top header and look for the blue graphs in the 'Class insights' row of your class.

You get one for each class and each lesson in Stile.

Question analysis

Clicking on any of the multiple choice questions in the Question Analysis panel reveals how many students selected which response, as well as who hasn't answered the question yet. 

Drill down even further and click on any of those responses to see who selected them.

Clicking on a student's name takes you straight to a snapshot of their work. You provide them with real-time feedback which will appear for them as they're working on the lesson.