Enable marks on exams, quizzes, and tests

Assessments in Stile add summative feedback and marks to help you quantify student comprehension.


Stile Lessons are not assessed by default, which is to say they don't have any mark values and students receive immediate feedback on submission, so they can reflect and revise their answers. This is to align with pedagogical best practices on formative vs summative assessment.
When you enable Assessment mode on a Lesson, marks are added to each question and the student cannot take back their work after submission. Automatic marks and feedback will not be visible until you release them along with answers for students to see. Learn more about releasing answers and feedback here.

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Enable or disable Assessment mode on a Lesson

Assessment mode can be enabled or disabled on any Lesson in Stile. Quizzes and end of unit tests from the Stile Science library are already set up as assessments.



Within the Lesson, the Assessed label can be found in the top left corner of the cover image. The label will be white when the Lesson is not assessed, and it will be orange when the Lesson is assessed. This label is visible to both students and teachers, but only teachers can see the Change option.



Click the Change button on the label to switch assessment modes. This will open a pop-up offering the options of Not assessed and Assessment, along with descriptions of each. Click the mode you want to use and then click the Save button.

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How Assessments look to the teacher


In the Markbook, Assessments are labeled with an orange stripe and the student's percentile grade is displayed after the teacher releases feedback. You can filter the Markbook to show Assessments only. Learn more here



Assessments are labeled on the Lessons page with a subtle assessment tag next to the Lesson's title. When releasing all Lessons in a Folder you can choose to include assessments or to keep them hidden. Learn more about releasing Lessons and assessments here.

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How Assessments look to the student


Students will see the same assessment tag next to the Lesson's title that the teacher sees on the Lessons page. In the example image above, the student has already completed the quiz and the teacher released feedback, and so the student has a tick mark to the left of the Lesson.



The students will see their overall percentile grade in the top right corner of the Lesson after you have released answers and feedback to them. Their total marks earned will be visible at the bottom of the page in the Summary feedback section. 

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