Use filters for better control and insight in the Markbook

The Markbook filters offer a useful way to view and control a select subset of students, units, and/or Lessons.

Filtering your Markbook can help you focus on specific Lessons or students; it reduces loading times by eliminating the marks you don't need to see in that moment, and allows you to control Lessons for specific groups of students when combined with the Class controls.

Note: Filters only affect how information is displayed in the Markbook. They do not delete anything or prevent students from accessing your Subject or Lessons.



Filter options can be found at the top of the Markbook page.


Watch the video for a quick tutorial, or keep reading below to see what you can do with Markbook filters: 


Hide everything except for your current Folder or Folders


The first filter menu allows you to select specific units, or Folders, to view. Click the All units menu and then tick the boxes next to whichever Folders you'd like to see in the Markbook. The rest of your Folders will be hidden from view. In the example above, The Immune System is the only Folder selected because that is the unit Mr Mcdichael's students are currently working on. He doesn't need to see any other Folders at the moment, and so hiding them from view reduces the visual noise and amount of scrolling.

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View assessments only

The majority of marks in the Markbook are formative, and so most of what you will see by default will be progress and completion icons. Filtering the Markbook to show only assessments will allow you to quickly see how a student is doing on their summative quizzes and tests. 



Click the All Lessons menu and then select Assessments only. The Markbook will change to display only those Lessons that have been set up as assessments. These Lessons show percentile grades and they are labeled with an orange stripe under their titles.

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View only one student or a group of students

Use the Students filter to limit who you see in the Markbook. This filter is especially helpful for parent teacher meetings or if you need to review a group project.



Click the All students menu and then click the tick boxes next to the students you want to view. All other students will be hidden from view. This only affects how your Markbook is displayed. Your other students are still enrolled in the Subject and they can see the Lessons you've released to them.

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View released Lessons only

A very quick way to reduce visual clutter is by filtering out all of the Lessons which are hidden to your students, such as Lessons you haven't started yet. If you are not familiar with releasing and hiding Lessons to students, click here.



Click the All Lessons menu and then select Released only. The Markbook will change to display only those Lessons that are currently visible to your students.



You can combine this filter with the Students filter to get a better view of differentiated work. For example, if three students are working on a modified version of a prac, and the original copy is hidden from them, you are able to filter the Markbook to view only those three students and their released Lessons. The modified copy of the Lesson with their work will be visible, and the original copy (which should be hidden to them) will be hidden from your view as well.

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Combine filters with Class controls

Class controls only affect the students that are visible in the Markbook, and so you can combine the use of the Students filter with the Class controls. This is especially useful in situations involving differentiation, group projects, or staggered Lesson completion (eg. students sitting a make-up exam).



Select the students you want to focus on using the All students menu, and then use the Class controls in the desired Lesson to perform a group action on those students' worksheets; Collect all unfinished work, Release all answers, or Request resubmission from all.



A pop-up window will appear to confirm which action you would like to take: You can either perform the action on that specific group of students or you can apply it to the whole Class. Click on your choice to select it, and then click Confirm.

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How to remove filters


The filter menus will be highlighted in blue to make it clear that you are looking at a modified Markbook. You can quickly remove filters by clicking the (X) icon on each menu that has filters applied.

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