Collect work or release answers to the whole Class

Manage student work in just a few clicks by using the Class controls in the Markbook.

The Markbook offers Class controls for every Lesson, which allow you to do bulk actions on whole Classes or select groups of students within a Class. Watch the video or continue reading below for a more in-depth tutorial.


There are three actions that can be performed for each Lesson:

  1. Collect all unfinished work is like saying "pencils down!" The work is locked so students can no longer make changes. You could use this at the end of an exam or to collect overdue work.
  2. Release all feedback and answers reveals all of the answers to students as well as your comments and marks. The work is locked so students can no longer take it back or make changes. This is great to use after you've reviewed everyone's worksheets at the end of an activity.
  3. Request resubmission from all allows students to continue working. They will see your comments, and they will not see the answers. This can be helpful if you are keeping a learning diary in Stile, if your Class has some common misconceptions to address, or if a group of students needs to continue working after you've collected the work.



Every Class and Lesson has its own Class controls menu, which can be found where the Class row and the Lesson column intersect. If the Class row appears empty, then click on the Class name on the left side of the page to reveal its students and its menu buttons. 



Click the (...) button to open the Class controls menu. These controls will only affect the students enrolled in that Class and only for that specific Lesson. Select the action you want to apply. The whole column of icons will begin to process and then be replaced with the appropriate new icon. 

You can also use these controls in conjunction with the Markbook filters to apply these bulk actions to a specific set of students within the Class. Learn more about Markbook filters here


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