Live Brainstorm

Teachers can lead students in real-time collaboration.


The Live Brainstorm widget allows students to quickly contribute their ideas to a class discussion. Teachers can hide those responses from other students while the brainstorming is taking place, so no ideas are squashed by quicker answers or louder voices. Responses and tools work in real time to help the teacher guide the flow of discussion.

Live Brainstorm features

Teachers can use their cursor to move responses on the board, which can help organise the discussion and group similar answers. Teachers can also delete inappropriate or off-topic responses.


The right column lists each student in the class and how many answers they contribute, so the teacher can see who's especially eager about the topic and who could use a little nudge. Click on a student in the right column to highlight their responses on the board.


There are three class controls along the top of the board:

  • Live Brainstorm has a different board for each class (i.e. Class A won't see Class B's responses), and so the menu on the left allows to switch between classes.
  • Teachers can also control whether students can see others' responses. This is off by default to facilitate open discussion. Switch it on after students have contributed so they can see all responses from their classmates.
  • Responses can either be Open or Locked. Keep the board locked at the start of the session to prevent students from jumping ahead, open it during discussion for live brainstorming, and then lock it again when the class is ready to discuss the responses.


You can also choose to hide student names in the brainstorm, if you want responses to be visible but anonymous. This can really help students who would otherwise be anxious about sharing their thoughts in front of the whole class.

Follow up with individual feedback


Quick review is available for Live Brainstorm and isolates each student's responses. This can be a great way to follow up directly with the student for extra feedback and encouragement.