Open response question

The most flexible question type in Stile allows students to choose from a selection of widgets.


The widget contains a single question and overall mark for the teacher to fill in. Read below for suggested applications.

When answering the question, the student can use any combination and quantity of the following:

The ability to choose how to respond to a complex question can help avoid situations like this:

Suggested applications

The flexibility of the open response widget lends itself to several useful scenarios:

Practical activity results: Students can upload images, create a graph, and include a write-up all within a single question response. Teachers can offer guidancein the question space by suggesting what tools to use, or they can leave students to decide independently.

Differentiated responses: Students can respond the way that feels most natural to them and still demonstrate knowledge of a subject. A visual thinker may respond with an annotated diagram, while a more verbally active student could record and upload their own explainer video.

Open-ended projects: Students can add observations, milestones, photos and data they collect as they work on a project. It can be used to document their progress and track their research.