Move and rearrange Lessons

Click and drag Lessons to reorganize them within the Subject.

Lessons can be rearranged within their Folders and can be moved into different Folders within the same Subject. This gives you the opportunity to customize units and create your own units by combining Lessons from various Stile science units. It's also a great way to bring more attention to a Lesson for your students to see, by dragging it to the top of the Folder.


Watch the video to see how, or continue reading below for more details.



Locate the Lesson to be moved on the Lessons page. Don't click into it! Instead, click-and-hold the Lesson's title and then drag the Lesson to its new location.

In the example above, the Lab safety quiz is moved up to immediately follow the Lab safety Lesson.



Move a Lesson from one Folder to another using the exact same action. The page will scroll as you get to the edge of your browser window with the Lesson you are holding, so you can drag the Lesson to a Folder even if it is not immediately visible on your page. Also make sure that the destination Folder is open so that its contents are visible. If it isn't open, then you can click on the Folder's title to reveal its contents and then try dragging the Lesson into it again.


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