Move and rearrange lessons

Click and drag lessons to re-order, differentiate, and control what students can see.

Lessons can be rearranged within their folders and they can be moved into different folders within the same subject.


Locate the lesson to be moved on the Lessons page. Don't click into it! Instead, click-and-hold the lesson's title and then drag the lesson to its new location.

In the example above, the unit's assessment is moved to the top of the folder so that it can be released to students while all the related lessons remain hidden.


Move a lesson from one folder to another using the exact same action. Make sure the destination folder is expanded so that its contents are visible.

In this example, the Classification test is moved into an older version of the Classification unit. This is a great way to add updated Stile Science resources to a unit in which students have already started working.


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