Copy and paste questions between Lessons

Create or customize your Lesson by pulling questions and resources in from other Lessons.

Questions and other widgets can be copied and then pasted into any other Lesson, including those in other Subjects and schools. This can be especially useful when combining multiple small quizzes into a larger exam.



In the Lesson locate the widget to be copied and click on its More menu, next to the Edit button. Select the Copy option from the menu that appears.



Next, locate and click into the Lesson in which the widget will be pasted. This can be any other Lesson you have access to, in any Subject. Find the space to paste the widget and click the More menu on the widget directly above that space. Select the Paste option from the menu, and the new widget will appear in the space below.



If the Lesson is blank, or if you want to paste the widget at the very top of the Lesson, then you can find the Paste option by clicking the (...) menu button next to the print icon in the top right corner of the Lesson. The new widget will appear at the top of the Lesson. From there, it can be edited and moved normally.


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