Copy and paste questions between lessons

Create a bespoke lesson by pulling questions and resources in from other lessons.

Questions and other widgets can be copied and then pasted into any other lessons, including those in other subjects and schools.

This can be especially useful when creating bespoke lessons or remixing existing lessons. If two activities refer to the same table of information, for example, that table can be copied and pasted rather than recreating it from scratch.



Locate the widget to be copied and click on its green More menu. Select the Copy option from the menu that appears.

Next, locate and click into the lesson in which the widget will be pasted.
Note: Open this lesson in a second browser tab ahead of time to speed up the process!



Pick a space to paste the widget and click the "More" menu on the widget directly above that space. Select the Paste option from the menu, and the new widget will appear in the space below.



If the lesson is blank, then select the paste option from the lesson's More menu in the top right corner of the cover image.

The new widget will appear at the top of the lesson. From there, it can be edited and moved normally.