Duplicate a Lesson

Create an exact copy of a Lesson in the same Folder. 

A duplicated Lesson contains all of the exact same content as the original Lesson without duplicating any student work that may be attached to the original.

Note: The duplicate will always appear within the same Folder as the original. Click here to learn how to copy a Lesson and paste it into a different Subject.

This can be useful in a few situations:

  • The teacher wants to split a Lesson in half. Duplicate the Lesson and then delete half of the questions in each Lesson copy;
  • The teacher wants to differentiate the Lesson for two or more groups of students with varying abilities;
  • The teacher wants to make changes to the Lesson content while also keeping an original backup copy.



Click into the Lesson to be duplicated and then click on the Lesson's (...) menu, located above the top right corner of the Lesson's cover image in Prepare mode. Select the Duplicate option from the menu.



Stile will navigate back to the Lessons page. The new copy of the Lesson will appear at the very bottom of the Folder. Once duplication is complete, the new Lesson can be moved to a new location in the folder or in a different folder within the same subject. Learn more here


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