Share Lessons with other teachers

Sharing resources with colleagues in the school can be a great way to achieve consistency across classrooms and to work together when creating and teaching.

There are two ways to share resources with other teachers at the school, depending on what you want to do:


Share Lessons to the school library

Each school on Stile has its own library. When you share lessons to the school library, other teachers at your school can copy the Lessons into their own Subjects. The other teachers can edit their own copies of the Lessons without affecting your original Lessons.



When a teacher adds Lessons from the school library, they create a copy of the Lessons in their own Subject. Any edits they make will not affect your original copy.


Learn how to share to the school library.

Learn more about copying Lessons from the school library.


Invite your colleagues to plan collaboratively as co-teachers

When you invite someone to co-teach your Stile Subject, you are giving them all the same access and abilities in that Subject as you have. This includes adding students, hiding and releasing Lessons, editing content, and marking student work. Sharing a Subject where students are enrolled is best left to only a few co-teachers because any edits made to the content in that Subject could affect the work that's already been done by students.

If you want to create and edit Lessons collaboratively with several teachers, then it's best to create a Subject that won't have any students in it. This is called a Planning Subject; you can learn more here.



You can add more teachers to your Subject via the Students page by clicking on Manage co-teachers. Learn more here.


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