Add a teacher to a subject

Multiple teachers can be enrolled in a single subject. Every teacher within the subject can modify its resources, manage classes, and review student work.

Sharing a subject with other teachers is beneficial in a few situations, including:

  • Co-teaching a subject
  • Collaborative lesson building in a Master subject
  • Granting access to a relief teacher

Teachers must be invited to a subject. They cannot enrol themselves. Teacher enrolment is managed on the Students page.


Click Manage co-teachers, and then select the Invite via email option in the top right area of the screen. Type the new teacher's email address into the window that appears. Ensure the email address is correct and then click Send invitation email. An automated email will be sent to the address inviting them to join the subject, along with an unique, one-time-use link.


Note: If a teacher is added to a subject and they are not already enroled at the school, then they will not have subject creation rights. Teachers can also be removed from the subject by their co-teachers.