Create or edit model answers

Compare student answers to model answers and discuss them with the Class.

Model answers are embedded into each open-ended question in Stile, and can be modified or replaced as you see fit. Through Teach Mode and Quick review, you are able to quickly compare student answers to model answers. These tools can also be used to review answers with students in class. 

Learn more about using Model answers to mark student work in Quick review here


Find the question you want to edit


Make sure you are viewing the Lesson in Prepare mode. Scroll down through the Lesson until you find the question you want to work on, and click on its Edit button next to the question number.


Make your edits on the Model answer tab


The first tab below your question text will be labelled Question or Student answer. This is where your students will fill in their responses. Click on the next tab, Model answer, to edit the answer. The tools available to you in the Model answer will be the same tools available to students when they work on the Lesson.

This part of the question will only be visible to you and other teachers in the Subject. Students cannot see model answers until you release answers and feedback.


Save your changes


When you are satisfied with your edits and you've double-checked them against the question, click the blue Done button to save your changes.  


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