Releasing lessons


When you copy in a unit from the Lesson Library (e.g. Cosmos Lessons), all your lessons are released by default and visible to your students - you're good to go!

However, when you copy in lessons from the school library, they're not released by default.

If you'd like to change what students see, you can drag the grey tab (which by default is just called 'Students') to 'un-release' lessons. Each tab has a line that determines what is visible to students and what isn't.

Unreleased lessons look like the one below - they're below the line with the 'Students' tab on it and they're a faded, light green colour.

To release a lesson, simply drag and drop the 'Students' tab below the set of Lessons that you wish to release to them. Lessons that will be released to students will be highlighted in yellow, like in the picture below.

Released lessons are above the line and the same green colour as the Subject bar.

Screenshot 2015-10-22 10.11.05.png
This video shows you how it works in practice:


Working with multiple classes or groups

You can add as many classes to Stile as you want, with a limit of nine per subject. If you'd like to find out more about managing multiple classes, see this article.

For instructions on how to enrol students into classes see this article)

If you just work with one class per subject and prefer to release all lessons in a folder/unit, you can switch your subject to the Standard release mode.

Simple/standard release mode

If you used Stile prior to 2017, you might be used to this mode: a large grey bar in the middle that can be dragged to release lessons. This video shows you how it works:

Everything above the bar is visible to students, everything below isn't — simple! In the picture below, Minerals and Plant Cells are released, but Respiratory System and Thermoregulation are not.

Click and drag any folder to move it up or down - done!

You can also drag the bar itself - this is particularly useful if you'd like to release several Folders at once.

Hiding lessons

If you don't want your students to see all the Lessons in a Folder, you can hide or show them by simply hovering over them with your mouse - this will bring up the 'Hide' button next to each Lesson:

When you click 'Hide' that Lesson's colour changes to a more faded green. In the picture above, the three bottom lessons are hidden, and the two top ones are not.

To un-hide a Lesson, again just hover over it with your mouse and click 'Show'

How is it done?

If you'd like to change your release mode, simply go to the green 'Options' menu and select 'Change release mode' and pick your release mode of choice.

Changing release mode happens on a per-subject basis. 



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