Release and hide lessons

Teachers can control when students are able to see and work on specific lessons in Stile.

Releasing lessons is controlled within each folder on the Lessons page. Each class in the subject has a grey class bar.


To release a lesson, drag the class bar below it.

  • Lessons above the class bar will be visible to students within that class. The lessons will highlight in yellow as the bar is dragged down.
  • Lessons below the class bar will be insivisible to that class. Students who try to navigate directly to a hidden lesson will see a "Forbidden" message.

Subjects with multiple classes have multiple class bars.


In the example above, students in 9SciB and 9SciD can see and work on the Test: Fossils assessment as well as everything above it. Students in 9SciA and 9SciC cannot see Test: Fossils.

Re-order lessons for more granular control

If the teacher wants the students to see the lesson at the bottom of the folder and none of the previous lessons, they can move the lesson to the top of the folder by dragging and dropping. This comes in handy especially when the teacher wants to release an assessment and hide all of the previous lessons.


  • Hover over the lesson and an up-down arrow will replace the pen and paper icon.
  • Click and hold with the cursor, and then drag the lesson above the rest of the lessons.
  • The lesson will become visible to students once it is above the class bar(s).



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