Release and hide lessons

Teachers can control which students can view and work on specific lessons in Stile.

The new controls make differentiating content much faster and easier, allowing teachers to release tailored lessons to specific students.


The differentiation controls on the Lessons page allow the teacher to manage lessons individually or in bulk, and those lessons can be made available to any number of students in the subject. 

Manage a single lesson

Each lesson has a drop down menu labeled Available to, which clearly defines what classes and individual students can see the lesson.


Click the menu to the right of the lesson's title to reveal the options, which are controlled with tick boxes.

  • Ticking the box next to All students will release the lesson to all classes and students.
  • Ticking the box next to a specific class will release the lesson to all students within that class.
  • Click on a class to reveal the students within that class. Ticking the box next to a student's name will release the lesson that individual student.
  • Any combination of students and classes can be used when releasing a lesson.

Clear the tick boxes to hide the lesson from students, classes, or from everyone.

Manage multiple lessons at once


Each lesson has a tick box to the left of the title. Tick these boxes to select multiple lessons to manage, such as releasing the Introduction and the Glossary lessons to everyone at the same time.

  • Tick the boxes to the left of lesson titles to select those lessons. Alternatively, tick the box next to Lesson at the top of the lessons list to select every lesson in the folder.
  • Click on the Manage release menu that appears at the top of the lesson list.
  • Select which classes and students to release the lesson to, exactly like managing a single lesson.