Release and hide Lessons

Manage which Lessons your students can see and work on at any given time. 

You have total control over what Lessons you want your students to see in each of your Subjects on Stile. Using the differentiation controls within each Folder, you can quickly and easily assign Lessons to whole classes or even to specific students.



To the right of each Lesson's title are the differentiation controls in a column labelled Available to. These are the controls which allow you to select who can see and access each Lesson. Each Lesson can be controlled independently, or you can control several Lessons at once.

By default, these controls will either appear with a blue icon and the words All students or a grey icon and the words Hidden from students. Hiding a Lesson does not delete student work, so you can use this feature to hide activities while your students do the follow-up quiz or unit test. 

In the image above, Introduction and 1.1 Lesson: The building blocks of life are each released to all students in the Subject. 1.2 Extension and 1.3 Lesson are each hidden from all students in the Subject.



Here is how the Folder appears to students in that Subject. Notice that only the released Lessons are visible.

By default, all Stile Science Lessons will be released to all students in your Subject, excluding assessments (quizzes and tests), which will be hidden. You may want to hide later Lessons when starting a new Unit to prevent students from jumping ahead. Similarly, you could create a "closed book" exam by hiding all Lessons in a unit when you release the unit test. 

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Hide or release all Lessons to all students


Every Folder includes a Release all menu. Click on the menu to reveal the two options:

  • Release all lessons only release Lessons that are not marked as assessments.
  • Release all lessons AND assessments will release everything in the Folder including Lessons marked as assessments. (If you are not familiar with the difference, you can learn more about assessments here.) 

Next to the Release all menu is a Hide all button. Click it to hide every Lesson in that Folder from all students. When all Lessons in a Folder are hidden, then the students won't see the Folder at all.

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Hide or release a single Lesson


Click on the controls next to the Lesson you want to manage and a menu will appear, which contains a search box and several options controlled by tick boxes.

  • Tick the box next to All students to release the Lesson to every student in the Subject. This will tick every box in the menu, as shown in the example above.
  • Tick the box next to a specific Class to release the Lesson to all students within that Class. This will fill in every tick box within that specific Class.
  • Click on the name of a Class to see the list of all students enrolled in that Class. Tick the box next to a student's name to release the Lesson that specific student.
  • If you can't find a specific student at a glance, type their name into the search bar.

Anyone who is not marked with a blue tick will not be able to see the Lesson. This means that to hide the Lesson, all you have to do is untick the boxes. Everything you do here is instant, so you won't need to confirm or save any changes.

Protip: Sometimes, it's faster to work in reverse. If you only want to hide a lesson from a few students, tick the All students box or the relevant Class box and then untick the students that shouldn't see the lesson.

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Hide or release multiple Lessons

To the left of each Lesson's title is a tick box. These boxes allow you to control multiple Lessons at the same time. They do not release the Lessons when you tick them. Instead, they reveal a new set of differentiation controls that will apply to every Lesson you tick.



Tick the boxes to the left of Lesson titles to select those Lessons you want to control. Alternatively, tick the box next to the word Lesson at the top of the column to select every Lesson in the Folder.

Protip: Sometimes, it's faster to work in reverse. If you want to control the majority of Lessons in a Folder, tick the box next to the word Lesson and then untick any Lessons you do not want to control.



Click on the Release to menu that appears at the top of the Lesson list and select which Classes and students should see the Lesson. This menu works exactly the same as the individual lesson menus.

To clear your selection of lessons, click the tick box next to the word Lesson. This will untick any Lessons you selected in the Folder.

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