Use model answers to quickly mark student work

Use the Quick review screen to view and mark student responses alongside the model answer.


Quick review streamlines the marking process by allowing you to view, mark, and leave comments on student responses to open-ended questions. The question you are reviewing is displayed at the top of the page. Keyboard shortcuts make moving around the screen even faster, and model answers are readily available for your reference when marking and writing comments.

You can access Quick review for each open-ended question from the Lesson's Analyse mode. Find the question you want to review in the Question analysis section and click on View responses. If you're not familiar with Analyse mode, click here to learn more.

You can also access Quick review in Teach mode by clicking the Show responses button above any open-ended question. Read more about Teach mode here.

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View responses alongside the model answer


There are three different viewing modes. Switch viewing modes by clicking on the corresponding tabs:

  • Student answer shows only the student's response;
  • Model answer shows only the model answer, which is handy for presenting to the classroom;
  • Compare shows you both in a side-by-side layout.

The Compare view can help you pick out key words and phrases as you read through your students' answers. You can also use this view to quickly identify what's missing in the student answer so you can nudge them in the right direction with targeted feedback.

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Mark and leave feedback


The bottom of the page includes the mark value of the question, a comment box, and Right and Wrong buttons.

  • Add the total number of marks earned for the question to the box on the left. Total marks are only calculated on assessments.
  • Click the speech bubble to add feedback comments for the student to read. 
  • Click the tick or X to mark the response right or wrong.

Note: The Live brainstorm does not have these tools because it is not a markable question.

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Move between students quickly


Click the left and right arrow buttons to move to the next or previous student in the list, or use your keyboard's arrow keys to do the same.


You can also click on the current student's name to reveal a drop-down menu of every student who has attempted the question. Select a student from the menu to jump directly to their response.

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Keyboard shortcuts


This is the part where Quick review becomes even quicker! All of the main tools include keyboard shortcuts. Click on Keyboard shortcuts at the top of the Quick review screen, or type ? to display the list of shortcuts. Hints will also appear over the buttons the first time you use Quick review.

The three shortcuts that can speed up your marking the most are the Right (R), Wrong (W), and Move between students buttons (left and right arrow keys). These shortcuts mean you can very quickly and efficiently mark an entire Class' worth of responses without even touching your mouse. 

When you finish marking the question for all students, press the Escape key to return directly to Analyse mode or Teach mode.

Protip: These keyboard shortcuts only work when you are not typing in a comment box. Click out of the box or use one of the keyboard shortcuts (Esc or Cmnd+Enter) to exit the comment box.

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Hide student names for anonymity


Student names are hidden by default in Quick review, and you can enable or disable this feature at any time.

When viewing the student answer or comparing student answers to the model answer, click the button labeled Hide names to enable anonymous view. This will make the student name menu on the left become anonymous, which can be especially useful if you want to discuss answers with all of your students. 

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Randomize the order of students


You can randomize the order of student responses by clicking on the intersecting arrow button. This is useful when discussing answers as a group because you get a random assortment of responses each time, or in conjunction with the Hide names toggle while marking.

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