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Go to your Profile page to update your email address and profile picture, log out of Stile, and more.


Your Profile page in Stile is where you control your personal account details. These details include your name, profile picture, timezone, password, email address(es), and your recent browsing sessions. You can also log out of Stile from your Profile page. Click on your name in the top right corner of Stile to access your Profile page. 

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Change your name or timezone


Click the Edit profile button next to your name on the Profile page. This will reveal options to update your first name, surname, an optional field for teachers to enter a display name, and your time zone.



Type your name as you would like it to appear in Stile and enter an alternate name to show students (optional). 

Warning: If your school uses a Single Sign-on integration then your name will be managed by the school. Additionally if you are a student, then your name may have been locked at the request of a teacher at your school. If you need to update your name on Stile to reflect your current identity, ask your teacher get in touch with Stile's Support team for assistance!



If due dates are not appearing correctly on Lessons, or if you move interstate and maintain one account on Stile, then the account's time zone settings can be updated to reflect your current location. In the timezone textbox, update the city name to that of your nearest city or look up your timezone in the TZ Database.

When you are satisfied with the changes, click the Save button to apply them to your account.

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Change your password


Click the Change password button to the right of your name on the Profile page. Type your new password in each of the two text boxes and then click Save to apply the change to your account. This goes into effect immediately, so be sure to use this new password next time you log in.

Warning: If your school uses a Single Sign-on integration then your password will be managed by the school. You can still add a password to your Stile account, however if you are redirected to a separate portal to log in to Stile then you will need to use the password specific to that login page.

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Choose a profile picture


Your starter picture will already be selected. Click on any picture from the selection available to view it full-sized next to your name until you find the one you want. Your selection saves automatically and you'll see your new picture appear next to your name!

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Add or update your email address


Your email address is your username for logging in and for receiving invitations and password resets. You can have any number of email addresses associated with your account, and they can all be used to log in. One email address cannot be associated with multiple Stile accounts.

There is no way to edit an existing email address on your account, so instead, you can add the correct address and then remove the incorrect one. Find the Email addresses section below the Profile pictures. Enter a new email address in the text box and click the blue + Add new email button.

Click the Remove button next to the address you want to delete. This option will only appear if you have more than one address associated with your account. 

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Review and log out of recent sessions


At the bottom of your profile page is a list of recent logged in sessions. The list includes the browser type, an approximate location, and when that session was last accessed. You can click Log out of all my other sessions below this list if you are concerned about a questionable login session. This can be helpful if you recently used a shared computer and forgot to log out! 

Note: The location is determined by your physical location and local infrastructure. On occasion, this information can be off by several kilometres, sometimes citing a different neighbourhood altogether! Use of a VPN can also make this information inaccurate. Please use this in a broad sense only.

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Connect Stile X to your Stile Account


If your school is using the Stile X notebook and app, a QR code for connecting your Stile account with Stile X can be found on your profile page. Click here for more details on getting started with Stile X!

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Log out of Stile


When you are finished using Stile for your class or for the day, click the Log out button to the right of your name. This is especially good practice if you use shared devices, such as a school computer lab or an iPad you share with your sibling.

If you find yourself in someone else's account on a shared device, do not change any of the profile information to try to match your own! Log out of the account and then log in using your email and password. 

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