Reset a student password

Teachers can create temporary passwords for students to help them quickly recover account access.


  • On the Students page, select the class that the student is currently in.
  • Hover over the student's line in the class list to reveal the Reset Password option.
  • Click Reset Password to reveal a temporary, 6-digit password along with the student's email address.

The password is valid for 20 minutes, and the student's usual password will continue to work. Ensure the student is entering the email address and password exactly as it is shown on the teacher's screen to regain access to their account. One they're logged in, they can reset their usual password by clicking on their name in the upper right corner.

Some students may not be eligible for a temporary password. Instead, they will receive a reset email in their inbox. Note: If the email address tied to the account is incorrect or not a valid email, then contact Stile Support for assistance.