Change a student's name

Teachers can edit a student's name on Stile.

Whether intentional or accidental, students can sometimes enter the wrong name when creating their Stile accounts. Circumstances midway through the year may require them to change their names, too.

As their teacher, you can edit their name in just a few clicks on the Students page once the student enrols in your Subject.

Note: If your school uses Single sign-on then student names are controlled by the school. Contact your IT department if this is the case.



Click into the Subject where your student is enrolled and then click on the Students button in the green header to go to your Students page.



Find the student in your Class list. Their email address will be listed by their name, in case they are operating under a fake identity!

Click the pencil icon to the right of the student's name, next to the Reset password and Remove buttons.



Type in the first name and last name in the text boxes that appear, and then click the blue Confirm button to save the changes. This change will be applied to the student's account, and so it will appear in all Subjects to which the student is enrolled. The change will be reflected in your Students page, your Markbook, and everywhere else in your Lessons.


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