Link to a Stile Lesson in Canvas

Use this method to link Stile Lessons to Canvas assignments for full integration.

This tutorial will show you how to link Stile Lessons to Canvas assignments to get the full benefits of integration between the two platforms. Linking Lessons in this way will copy marks across automatically and it will release the Stile Lessons to each student as they click through from the Canvas assignments.

Before you continue: Your school must hold an active Canvas subscription and have integrated Stile with Canvas. Click here to learn how to set up the integration.

Follow these steps to link to a Lesson:

  1. Select a course in Canvas;
  2. Add an assignment;
  3. Add an External tool (i.e. Stile);
  4. Save and publish.


Step 1: Select a course in Canvas

Log in to Canvas and click on Courses in the navigation column on the left side of the screen.



Select the Course in which you want to work, or create a new course.



Next, click on Assignments in the Course navigation menu.


Step 2: Add an assignment


Click the blue +Assignment button to create a new assignment.



Fill in the assignment name and the number of points in the appropriate boxes:

  • The assignment name in Canvas does not need to match the Lesson name in Stile, however, making them identical can help you and your students stay organised. 
  • The number of points in Canvas should match the available marks for the Lesson in Stile.

Note: If you later change the number of marks available on the Stile Lesson, then you will need to update the Canvas assignment points manually. This feature has not been integrated (yet).


Step 3: Add an External Tool (i.e. Stile)


On the same page, click on the Submission type menu and select External tool

External tool options will appear. Click the grey Find button next to the URL text box.



A menu window will appear. Click on Stile Lesson. (The example above includes multiple copies of Stile Lesson but you should only have one!)



Use the picker to choose the Stile Lesson you want to link to this assignment and click its Assign button. Assessments are tagged so you can find them easily.


A URL will have appeared in the Canvas picker box. Tick the checkbox for Load this tool in a new tab.


Click the blue Select button in the menu window and it will take you back to the New assignment page, with the Stile Lesson loaded in the Submission type box.




Step 4: Save and publish

Fill in any additional details as you would normally do in Canvas, save the assignment, and publish as usual.



When students launch the assignment from Canvas, they'll be prompted to log into Stile, or if their Canvas email address doesn't have an associated Stile account yet they'll be prompted to set one up. The Stile Lesson will automatically be released to a student when they launch it from Canvas. When you release marks for an assessment, they'll be copied to the Canvas Gradebook.



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