The graph tool

Students and teachers can plot up to three sets of data on a single graph.

The graph is fully editable by teachers and students. The teacher can pre-populate some data to get the students started, or allow them to create the graph from scratch. The graph updates in real time as data is entered in the X and Y columns.

Read below for suggested applications.

Construct the graph

Start by adding the graph widget to the lesson and type the desired question into the text field. When constructing the graph for students, teachers can add as many or as few details as they want.


Edit the title, X and Y axis labels, and the minimum and maximum values for each axis by clicking on them. The axes will adjust automatically if no values are added. The title of each data series can also be edited in the same fashion.

Add data sets


Below the series title, click directly on the x or y to enter the first data set. A new, blank row will populate below the existing one. Data sets can be dragged up or down within the series to rearrange them.


Select which type of graph to display: Line; Scatter; or Column.
Note: Trend lines are not currently built into Stile. 


Add up to three series to a line or scatter graph and toggle between them by clicking the circle, diamond, and square in the upper right corner.

Suggested applications

The graph is ideal for visualising data gathered in pracs or experiments, such as comparing growth over time in 3 different plants or documenting the success of a heat shield. This can also be achieved with the graph tool in the Open response widget.