Due dates

Due dates help students and teachers keep track of their work.

This article covers the following:

  1. How to set the due date on a lesson;
  2. What the teacher sees;
  3. What the student sees.

1. Set the due date


  • Click into the lesson as if to edit it, and then click on the lesson's title.
  • Directly below the title field is the due date. Click into the text field or on the calendar icon to set the date.
  • A new field and clock icon will appear to set the time. Type directly into the field or use the sliders to set the time.
  • Click the Save button to save the new due date.


If the subject has multiple classes that require different due dates, then click I want to set a due date for each class to reveal more options.

2. What the teacher sees


The teacher will see the due date in green below the lesson's title and cover image. If multiple due dates are set, then they will all be visible.


When a student submits work after the due date, there will be a red clock icon beside their work in the Markbook.

3. What the student sees


The student's home page contains a list of due dates on the right side, broken down into Overdue, Due today, and Due next week. Overdue lessons are highlighted in red and marked with a red ringing alarm clock icon. Lessons completed on time are highlighted in green and feature a green check mark icon. The student can click directly into the lessons from this list.


The student will see the due date specific to their class in black below the lesson's title and cover image.