Delete a Folder or restore a deleted Folder

Folders and all their contents can be deleted if you do not intend to use them. Folders can be restored if they were deleted by mistake.

You can delete any Folder that appears in your Subject. Deleted Folders are moved to the Subject's recycle bin where they can be restored, if needed.

Warning: If any Lessons in the deleted Folder have been completed by students, their work will also be deleted! Consider hiding the Lessons instead, and move the Folder by dragging it to the bottom of the page. Restoring a deleted Lesson will also restore the associated work.

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Delete a Folder

If the Folder is closed (only the dark grey header is showing and none of the Lessons), click on the header to open the Folder. This will reveal the Edit and More options on the right side of the header.



Click the More menu and then select Delete this folder... A message will appear to verify the deletion. Click Delete folder and it will be removed from your Lessons page.

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Restore a deleted folder


Deleted Folders and Lessons go to the subject's recycle bin. Scroll to the very bottom of the Lessons page and click on View recycle bin.



Find the Folder you want to restore and click on its Actions menu, and then select Put back. The Folder and all its contents will be returned to the Lessons page.

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