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This article covers common errors in Stile and what to do if you encounter them.


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Stile won't recognize my email address

When you enter your email address on the login page and click the blue Continue button, Stile will do two things: First, it will check to see if your school email is set up with Single sign-on (SSO) and if it is, then you will be redirected to your school login portal. Second, it will check to see if your email is associated with an existing Stile account and then ask you to enter your password.



If your email address is not recognized, then a message appears in red font below the text box:

Could not find your Stile account. If you've signed in before with a different school email address, try that.

If you are sure that the email address you entered is the correct one, then double-check your spelling! One of the most common login errors involves mistyping the email address. 

If you are a student, ask your teacher to check your email address in their Students list on Stile. If the email was mistyped when the account was created then you will need to enter it exactly as it appears on their Students list (typos and all). You can update your email address to the correct one once you are logged in.

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Stile logged into someone else's account

This can happen if you or your students share computers and forget to log out at the end of the session. Always be sure to log out of shared devices!



If one of your students finds themselves in another student's account, then they will see an error message like one illustrated above. If their login does not match the now logging in as... address, then they should click the That's not me button.



Help your student log out of Stile. Click on the student's name (or "edit profile") in the upper right corner of the screen and then click the Log out button. Next, help your student sign out of the device completely. Log back in to the device using the student's correct credentials and then log in to Stile. 

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Permission Denied - 403 error

This message appears if you try to access a page that isn't available to you.


For students, this most often happens if they click on a notification or a direct link to a Lesson that has been hidden by the teacher. Hidden Lessons aren't available to students - even if answers and feedback were released. Learn how to release the Lesson here.

For teachers, this error can appear if you click a direct link to a Subject that you don't manage. You must be a teacher or co-teacher in the subject in order to access it. If a colleague gave you the link, follow up to ask them to invite you as a co-teacher.

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Something went wrong or Uh oh! error

These are two of the most common error messages you can come across on Stile. They can appear in various locations and have a wide range of causes. Sometimes the solution is simple, and so we recommend you first try the troubleshooting steps outlined below

If you continue to see the error message in Stile and you've tried those steps, then please get in touch with the Stile Support team and provide as much detail as possible.

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The iPad app is not working correctly

The dedicated Stile app for iPad was retired at the end of 2020, and so you may experience degradation in functionality. Please uninstall the app and log in to using your preferred browser, such as Safari or Chrome.

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My subjects are gone and I'm being told to enter a class code


If you have used Stile before and you are positive that you should have subjects on your home page, then the most probable cause for this screen is using the wrong email address to log in.

Most teachers have more than one email address, depending on their government or school systems, and sometimes upwards of four! Click on your name in the upper right corner of Stile to go to your profile page, and make note of the email address listed on the account. Then, click the Log out button near the top right corner of the screen.

Back on the log in page, use your other school email address to log in. If your subjects still don't appear, then get in touch with the Stile Support team. To help them find your account, let them know what school you are associated with on Stile and the names of any Stile Subjects or co-teachers you can think of.

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Students or Lessons are missing from the Markbook

If you are looking for a particular Lesson or piece of work in the Markbook and you cannot find it, then there may be a few different reasons why:

  • Your Markbook is filtered or your Folders are closed. Learn more about these Markbook tools here.
  • Your student has more than one account, and their work is in the other one. Try to find a second account for your student, and contact the Support team to have them merged together.
  • You have more than one copy of that Lesson, and the students worked in the other one. Scroll from left to right to find another copy of the Lesson in a different Folder. It may help to look on the Lessons page instead of in the Markbook.
  • If an entire class is missing, then it may have been archived by mistake. Learn about class archiving and how to undo it here.

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Your connection is not private / security certificate warning

If you run into a privacy or security warning when trying to access, then you may be running an outdated operating system on your computer that does not recognize the most recent internet security certificate. This is a broader issue that can affect other websites, too. Update your computer to the latest operating system, if you are able to, or get in touch with your school's IT team if the computer is managed by the school. 

If you are unable to update your system, then consider installing Firefox to access Stile. Firefox handles security certificates differently than the other major browsers and should be able to access Stile.

If your system is up to date and you are still experiencing this error, then please follow the 5 quick steps listed in the next section of this article.

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Something else in Stile isn't working right

The majority of issues that occur in Stile are actually caused a combination of your browser or device, the internet connection, and possibly Stile itself. Most often, the issues can be solved by looking at your browser and device first. Try these steps before contacting our Support team for further help.


1. Refresh the page

Sometimes, things don't load properly (especially on an unstable internet connection) and a page refresh will force the browser to try again.


2. Update and restart your browser

Browsers have a tendency to update frequently - sometimes more than once a week. Make sure your browser is running the latest version:

  • Chrome: chrome://settings/help
  • Edge: edge://settings/help
  • Safari: Safari is tied to the operating system. Check for updates by going to System Preferences on your device, and then select Software Update.
  • Firefox: about:preferences - Firefox Updates will be in the General section.
  • Internet Explorer: This browser is no longer supported. We recommend you use Edge or Chrome instead.
  • The Stile app for iPad: This app is due to expire at the end of 2020. We recommend you use Safari or Chrome instead.

You will likely need to restart the browser to install updates. Once the browser restarts, go back to Stile and see if the issue is solved. If you are unable to update your preferred browser, try opening Stile in a different browser.


3. Disable extensions or go incognito

Sometimes, browser extensions such as ad blockers or spell checkers interfere with Stile. You can get around them by using incognito mode or opening a private window. Alternatively, you can try disabling the extensions in your normal browser window and then refresh the page. If Stile works when the extensions are disabled, then it's safe to assume that the extension was causing the issue.


4. Clear your browsing data

Browsing the internet produces heaps of data flowing to and from your device. On occasion, an old piece of data will get stuck in your browser and it will conflict with more current data. This can cause issues with pages not loading properly, or the wrong information appearing where you expect something else. You can fix this by clearing your browser's data cache.

This article shows you how to clear browsing data for each major browser.


5. Restart your computer

That's right - turn it off and on again. It's amazing how many issues get solved by this! 


If the issue persists...

If you try the above four steps and Stile still isn't working right, please get in touch with Stile's Support team with the following information:

  • Screenshots or a recording of the issue occurring;
  • A description of where it's happening, or a direct link to that Lesson/Subject/Markbook, etc;
  • Whether or not we are allowed to access your account while we investigate;
  • What you've tried already from the steps listed above.

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