Troubleshoot Stile

Unlike other apps, Stile is not installed on your computer. Instead, it runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome: it's a web app.

The majority of problems that occur in Stile are actually caused a combination of

  1. the browser 
  2. your internet connection
  3. Stile itself

While Stile is not perfect (no software is), 1 and 2 are almost always the culprits when something doesn't work like it should in Stile. Here's how you can troubleshoot your issues.

1. Refresh the page

This fixes most problems. Sometimes, things don't load properly (especially if your internet connection is not fantastic) and a page refresh will force the browser to try again.

2. Restart your browser

If a refresh doesn't fix it, a browser restart usually does, especially if you're using Chrome.

Chrome is usually set to automatically update. The problem is that once it's updated, it needs to relaunch - otherwise certain things won't work the way they should. You can see if that's the case by clicking on the three dots in the corner ('Settings') and going to Help > About Chrome:

If that page looks like this, it's time to relaunch:

3. Try incognito/private mode

Sometimes, browser extensions, such as ad blockers or spell checkers like Grammarly interfere with Stile. You can get around them by using incognito mode or opening a private window. If this works, but the regular browser page doesn't it's either the extensions of the cache that's causing the issue. You could try disabling extensions first and if that doesn't fix it, it's time to...

4. Clear your browsing data

Sometimes, browsers need a good spring clean to ensure they run well. Each browser does this a little differently. This article shows you how to do this for each major browser.

Refresh, restart, incognito mode and clearing browser data fix most issues in Stile.

If you ever find that something doesn't work the way you expect it to, shut down the browser and re-open it. Also, try a different browser, such as Firefox, to see if that's any better.

If that still doesn't fix your problem, and you definitely have a working internet connection, please get in touch with us!