Archive or unarchive a Subject

Remove a Subject from the home page while safely preserving Lessons and student work.

Archiving a Subject is a way of cleaning it up when you no longer need to use it. The Subject is removed from your home page and stored in your Archive. You and your students in that Subject can still view it, but no one can make any edits to it. This way, your students' work is safely preserved in the Markbook. The best time to archive your Subject is at the end of the term or year, when you have completed the course. You can unarchive the Subject at any time or duplicate it if you want to make a fresh copy for a new cohort. Learn more about the Archive and what it means for you and your students here.

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Archive a Subject


Click into the Subject you want to archive and open on its Options menu in the upper right corner of the screen, just below your name. Select Archive this subject from the drop down menu. 



A popup window will appear with two options. Select Remove this subject from my page and then click the Confirm button to archive the Subject. A banner will appear at the top of the Lessons page to indicate that it has been archived. 



Warning: Read these options carefully! If your Subject has any co-teachers then you will not be given the option to archive it. Instead, you will have the option to remove yourself from the Subject. The Subject will remain active, but you will no longer have access to it.

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Unarchive a Subject


Go to the Archive and click into the Subject to be restored. At the top of the page is the Archive banner. Click Unarchive on the right side of the banner. Stile will navigate back to the home page, where the restored Subject will appear at the bottom of your subjects list.

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