Switch between schools

Students and teachers can be enrolled in more than one school on Stile, and quickly move between them.

Your account can be enrolled in more than one Stile school if you teach at multiple campuses, for example. Students can also be in more than one school if they switch schools and keep the same account. The Subjects you see on your home page are tied to the school in which they were created.

Watch the video to learn how, or continue reading below for step-by-step instructions:




Click the Switch school button below the name of the current school on your Stile home page.
A choice of schools will appear on the following page. This includes every school on Stile in which you are enrolled.



Select the school you want to view and it will direct you back to the home page. The selected school's name and banner image will appear, along with the Subjects you have access to in that school.




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