Subject missing from the home page

Lost Subjects can always be found again.

If you notice a Subject has gone missing from your homepage, then it could be archived or deleted, or you may have been removed from it. Subjects can almost always be restored by yourself or someone at your school, or with the help of the Stile Support team.


Here's what you can do to find your old Subject:


Look in your Archive


Your Subject might have been archived automatically if it has been inactive for a period of several months. You can unarchive the Subject to continue using it with your students. Watch the video below to see how.


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Look in your Account settings


You may have more than one Stile account. This can happen if you login using an email address different than what you usually use, or if your school/department/district has given you more than one valid email address. To check which one you are logged in to, click your name in the top right corner of Stile to go to your Profile page. If the email address on that page is different to what you expected, then log out and log back in using your normal email address.

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Contact Stile Support

The Support team can help you restore a deleted Subject, or regain access if you have been removed by another teacher. Get in touch by using the Support menu within Stile or email us at Let us know the name of the Subject as well as the names of any co-teachers or students you may have had in the Subject. 

The Support team can also merge multiple accounts into a single profile, so let us know if you've ended up with more than one account! 

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