Add students

Give your students access to Stile lessons by adding them to your Subject.

In order to see and participate in the lessons you release to your students, they need to join your Subject with their own Stile accounts. This can be done in just a few minutes at the start of class, and it only needs to be done once.

Examples of when you would use this feature:

  • On the first day of a new year or new term;
  • A new student has joined your class partway through the year.

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Step-by-step guide

The class code is the easiest and most preferred way to give your students access to Stile. It is best used when students are sitting with you, ready to go on their tablets or laptops. Other methods for adding students are listed below (click here to jump down).


Step 1: Get the class code for your students

Click the green Students button to go to the Students page of your subject.



The class code will be boldly displayed at the top of the page in dark blue.


Step 2: Instruct your students to join

Ask your students to go to in their web browsers and enter the 6-digit class code displayed on your screen. The whole class can use this same code.



The name of your Subject will appear when the student enters the class code, and they will be asked to enter their email address next.

When they enter their email address, Stile will automatically detect whether or not it is already tied to a Stile account. A student with existing accounts will only need to enter their password. Otherwise, they'll be asked to enter their name and create a password for their new account. 
Note: If a student has an account but cannot remember their password, they can reset their password and then continue to the join page.

After clicking Sign up! they will be taken directly to your subject to get started on the first lesson.


Other ways to add students

There are two alternative ways to add students to your class. They each require that your students can receive emails to get started unless they are already connected to the school on Stile from previous years or other subjects.


Add students via email

This is especially useful for distance education, virtual classrooms, or for students who are absent on the day the class code is given. It does not require the student and teacher to be present at the same time.



Click the Invite via email button directly above the class code on your students page.

Enter your students' email addresses in the text box that appears and then click Send invitation email. It's okay to copy and paste from a spreadsheet of names and emails - Stile will ignore any text that isn't an email address.

The students will each receive an email with a unique link to join your class. Students without existing Stile accounts will also be taken through the account setup of adding their name and a password.

Once they join, they can discard the email and simply login from to access your class.

If a student already has a Stile account set up at your school, then they will be automatically added to the class.
Note: If a student has an account but cannot remember their password, they can reset their password and then continue to join your class from the invitation.


Bulk import students (requires admin access)

The bulk import tool is available to your school's Stile admin. It can be used to create multiple subjects and fill them with students and teachers all from a single spreadsheet. Each student and teacher added this way will receive emails with unique links to join their assigned classes and subjects. Learn more about the bulk importer here.


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