Add students

Students enrol in a class to work on resources within a subject. They must be invited by the subject's teacher.

There are two ways to invite a student to join a class:

  1. The student uses a class code;
  2. The student receives an invite email.

Once the student joins the class, they are enrolled permanently and no longer need the code nor the email.

1. The class code


  • Navigate to the Students page. If there is more than one class set up for the subject, select the desired class.
  • Ask the students to navigate to and enter the blue, 6-digit code displayed on the class screen. The whole class can use this same code.
  • The students will be prompted to either log in to existing accounts or create new accounts. Note: If a student has an account but cannot remember their password, they can reset their password and then continue to the join page.

2. Invite via email


The teacher can invite students by sending them an automated email. The invite email includes a unique, one-time-use link which allows the student to join the class. If the student is new to Stile, then they will also create an account.