Place lesson content side by side

Improve the readability and flow of custom lessons with the Side by side layout widget.

This can be used in myriad ways, including:

  • Place an image or video next to a related question or statement;
  • Offer images as answers to a multiple choice question;
  • Reduce scrolling on longer exams by placing two questions to a row.

Add Side-by-side layout

Start by dragging the widget into the lesson. It will appear as two blank spaces, split 50/50 by a thin line.

Next, drag content or question widgets into each blank space.
Note: Media cannot be dropped directly into the side-by-side spaces as it can in normal lesson space. Add video or image widgets first, and then drop media files into them.



The example above includes a multiple choice widget on the left and an image or file upload widget on the right. Add text and media to the widgets as per usual.


Modify existing content

Questions and content can alternatively be moved into a side by side layout after being created in the standard lesson space. 



Use the 4-way directional arrow to drag the widget into or out of an existing side by side widget.

Click the widget's More menu and select use side by side layout to create a containing side by side widget. The content will default to the left slot.