Place lesson content side-by-side

You can improve the readability and flow of your custom lessons with the help of our Side-by-side layout widget.

The Side-by-side layout widget allows you to put two content widgets next to each other in a single row, rather than stacked one on top of the other.

Add Side-by-side Layout

Find the widget in your content tab and drag it into your lesson. It will appear as a thin grey line dividing the page into two columns.

Add your content widgets

Next, choose what type of content you want to live in each column. In the example below I have a multiple choice question and an image. Add those content widgets first, and then fill them with content.​


You can also drag content blocks into and out of the side by side layout by using its 4-directional move arrows in the upper left corner. If you're currently editing the content in the widget, then you'll need to save or discard your changes for this icon to appear.


Note: Image files cannot be dragged directly into the side-by-side widget. Add the Image widget first, and then upload the image file!


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