The Archive: a historical record of previous years' work

Safely remove Subjects and student work without deleting anything.


The Archive is like a file cabinet for old resources and student work. When a teacher archives a Class or Subject, it is removed from your list of active Classes or Subjects without being deleted. Archived Classes and Subjects also get removed from the home page for students, which reduces clutter and distraction. There are benefits to both methods of archiving (individual Classes or whole Subjects), and what you choose depends on how you like to keep your Stile account organized.

Note: This article assumes some prior experience with using Stile. Before you continue, please be sure you are familiar with the difference between a Stile Subject and a Stile Class, explained here.


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Archive or unarchive a Subject


Archiving a whole Subject will preserve everything within it. It will be removed from your homepage and from your students' homepages. Nothing will be editable, however everything will still be accessible to you. You can archive any Subject as long as you are the only teacher in it. If you have co-teachers in the Subject, then you will instead see a prompt offering to remove you from the subject. You can restore any archived Subject via the Archive page. Learn how to archive an unarchive a whole subject here.

Note: If can't locate a Subject in your Archive then you most likely removed yourself! Contact the Stile Support team with the name of the Subject and the names of any of your co-teachers. We can restore your access.

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Archive or unarchive a Class


Archiving a Class within a Subject will remove that whole Class (its students and their work) from the Subject. They will no longer appear among your active Students, in your Markbook, or in your differentiation tools. You can unarchive the Class to return their work to the Markbook and allow them to participate in the activities and resources again. When a Class is archived, students will no longer have access to the Subject and it will not appear in their Archive page, however they can still view released Lessons by clicking on related notifications. Learn how to archive and unarchive a Class here.

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How to access archived work


Archived Subjects can be found from your homepage. Below your list of active Subjects, click the View archived subjects button. Scroll through the list until you find the Subject you want and then click into it. You can view the Lessons and Markbook the same way that you would in an active Subject.

To view the work of an archived Class in your Markbook, you will need to unarchive it. Learn how to unarchive the Class here

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What your students can see, and when


Whether the Subject is archived or the Class is archived, the whole Subject will disappear from your student's homepage. A student can still explore archived Subjects in the same way you can: they can click on the View archived subjects button on their homepage. If you archive the Class in which the student was enrolled, then the Subject will not appear anywhere on their home page, nor in their Archive. 

The table below breaks down what students can see:

Subject Class Lesson Can they see it?
Active Not archived Released Yes
Active Not archived Hidden No
Archived Not archived Released Yes
Archived Not archived Hidden No
Active Archived Released Yes (via Notifications or direct links)
Active Archived Hidden No
Archived Archived Released Yes (via Notifications or direct links)
Archived Archived Hidden No

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Which archiving method to use, and when


How you archive your resources depends on how you like to reuse them and what visibility you want to give to your students after they complete the course. 

If you want your students to maintain some access to their work after completion, then archive the Subject. Be sure to hide any Lessons you don't want them to access, such as exams and quizes in which answers have been released. You can duplicate the Subject before archiving if you want to use the same resources again for a new Class. 

Note: Lessons can not be hidden or released while the Subject is archived. You will need to unarchive the Subject before you are able to make any changes.

If your students don't need access to their work after completing the course, then you can archive the Class and enrol your new cohort within the same Subject. Be sure to hide any assessments or other work that you do not want them to be able to see, prior to archiving the Class, in case they access their work by clicking on old Notifications. Keep in mind that any edits you make to the Lessons after archiving the Class will impact your previous students' work, in case you need to review it at a later date. 

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