Embed custom HTML5 simulations

Use the Share File and Student Upload widgets to add custom interactivity to Stile Lessons.

Stile recognises HTML5 files, which offers you and your students to embed custom simulations and interactives, including PhET sims. The HTML file you want to upload must include everything needed to make the simulation run within Stile.

Before you continue: Redirecting to another URL using iframe will not work in Stile. If you are not familiar with what iframe is, check your HTML file for something that looks like this:

<iframe src="https://sample.com/testsim.html"></iframe>

Use the Share file widget to upload your HTML5 file into Stile, or provide your students with a Student upload question or Open Response question so that they can upload custom files. Your students' results in the Share file widget will not be saved for you to view or mark, however, and so simulations added this way should only be used as a supplement to other questions and resources.



The University of Colorado Boulder provides free access to a range of simulations online at their PhET website, here. Use the search filters along the left side of the page to narrow down your results and to ensure that you are only looking at sims compatible with HTML5.

Note: Some of the available simulations are compatible with Flash or Java, but these will not work in Stile. The compatible sims will be marked with an icon that looks like the number 5 on a white shield.



Click on the simulation you want to use. The following page will show you learning goals, sample activities, and more. Find and click the download button just below the simulation's title, which looks like a downward pointing arrow. This will save the file to your computer. 



Upload the HTML file to your Lesson using the Share file widget. The file may take a moment to process and render, and then the simulation will appear in your Lesson, ready for students to use. If you are unfamiliar with the Share file widget, you can learn more here


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