Manage staff and students as a Stile admin

Stile Admins have access to the Manage Staff page, which grants them additional oversight.

Each school on Stile can have one or more admins - usually the Head of Science or a teacher in a similar role. The Manage Staff page allows the admin to:

  • Invite teachers to the school and remove them
  • Enable and disable subject creation rights for each teacher at the school
  • Bulk upload student and teacher credentials to the Stile school

Click the Manage Staff button on the home page to access these tools.


Invite and remove teachers


Teachers are invited to the school by email. Type the teacher's email address into the text field at the top of the page and then click Add Teachers. A popup will appear to verify the email address. Click Add Teachers to send the invitation email.


If there are multiple teachers to invite from a list, such as in a spreadsheet, copy and paste the list into the text field. Stile will filter out anything that is not recognised as an email address.

Note: VicDET teachers do not require an invitation. Log in at using Edumail credentials and Stile will automatically place the teacher account in the correct Stile school.


Click the rubbish bin next to a teacher's name to remove them from the school. 

Note: This will remove the teacher from any active and archived subjects in which they are enrolled.

Manage subject creation rights


Subject creation rights allow a teacher to create new subjects and add resources from the Stile Science library. Rights are enabled by default when a teacher is invited to join the school via the Manage Staff. Rights are disabled by default if the teacher is invited to co-teach a subject, without first being added to the Manage Staff page.


Click Change next to a teacher's subject creation rights to enable or disable them.

Bulk upload students and teachers


Admins have the ability to set up classes in bulk using the CSV Importer tool. Read this detailed tutorial to learn more.