Manage staff and students as a Stile admin

Stile admins have access to the Manage Staff page, which grants them additional oversight in their school Stile accounts.

Each school on Stile can have one or more admins - usually the Head of Science, a teacher in a similar role, or someone from IT.

The Manage Staff page allows the admin to do the following:


Click the Manage staff button on the home page to access these tools. 


Invite teachers to join the school account


Click the Invite teachers via email button to add teachers to your school's account.

Type the teachers' email addresses into the text field that appears and then click Send invitation email.  

Note: Vic DET and NSW DoE teachers do not require an invitation. Log in at using Department credentials and Stile will automatically place the teacher account in the correct Stile school.

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Manage co-teachers or add yourself to active Subject

School admins now have the ability to add and remove co-teachers in any active Subject at the school. This is especially helpful when managing casual relief teachers, stepping in for teachers who have gone on leave, or quickly grabbing a Class code for a new student when the teacher is unavailable. You can also use this to access the Subject's Markbook and see what the students have been up to.



Subjects are listed per teacher, so find the teacher in your Staff list who is currently enrolled in the Subject and click the View subjects button to the right of their name. 



The next page will list all of that teacher's active Subjects. Click on the Manage co-teachers button to the right of the Subject you want to manage. This brings up a view of the Subject that will show you all of the current co-teachers in the Subject. You'll be given two options next: Add existing teacher or Invite via email.



Click the Add existing teacher button if the teacher you want to add is already set up at the school on Stile.



A new window will pop up featuring a list of all teachers at the school. You can scroll through the list to find the teacher you want to add (including yourself!) or use the search bar at the top. Once you've found the right teacher, click the Add button to the right of their name and then click Done. That teacher will now have immediate access to the Subject.



To add a completely new teacher, click the Invite via email button.



A window with a large text box will pop up. Enter the new co-teacher's email address and then click the Send invitation email button. 

If the teacher is already set up at the school, then they will be given access straight away. Teachers who are new to Stile will receive an invite email, which prompts them to set up an account.

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Remove teachers from the school account


Click the rubbish bin to the right of a teacher's name to remove them from the school. 

Note: This will remove the teacher from any active and archived Subjects in which they are enrolled; it will not delete their account. They can still be enrolled in other Stile schools but they will no longer have access to their old resources at your school.

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Manage Subject creation rights


Subject creation rights allow a teacher to create new Subjects and add resources from the Stile Science library.

  • Rights are enabled by default when a teacher is invited to join the school via the Manage staff page.
  • Rights are disabled by default if the teacher is invited to co-teach a Subject, without first being added to the Manage staff page.



Click the cog button to the right of a teacher's name to enable or disable Subject creation rights. Select your preference for that teacher and then click the Confirm button. 

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Bulk upload students and teachers


Admins have the ability to set up Classes in bulk using the CSV Importer tool. Read this detailed tutorial to learn more.

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Set up your school with Single sign-on

Single sign-on (or SSO) is an integration with your school's email credentials. It means that your students and teachers will only need to remember one set of login details for everything, so they'll sign in to Stile using the same email address and password that they use for their email inboxes and other platforms used by the school. It also means that their names and passwords are managed by the school, instead of Stile. Learn more about SSO and how you can set it up here.

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Integrate Stile with Canvas learning management system

Stile now offers integration with Canvas LMS for any participating school. This integration allows teachers to link Stile Lessons in Canvas and copy marks over to the Canvas Gradebook. To set up the integration, follow the step-by-step guide here.  

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