Create a new Subject

Resources and Classes are organised in Subjects. A teacher can create unlimited Subjects from their home page.


At the bottom of the home page, click in the text field marked with a grey workbook and type the name of the new Subject you want to create. Common naming schemes include the year level, topic ("Science," "Physics," "Space," etc.), and teacher's name. This can help your students quickly navigate to the correct Subject when they are enrolled in more than one. It also helps to have a descriptive Subject name if you plan to share Lessons with your colleagues via the School Library.

Click Create Subject. The new Subject will appear at the bottom of the list of Subjects on the teacher's home page.

Note: If you don't see the Create Subject text field on your home page, then it means your account does not have subject creation rights. Reach out to one of the school admins listed on your home page or contact the Stile Support team for help.


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