Supported browsers and other tech details for IT Staff

This article is intended for IT professionals at schools using Stile.

It provides technical details on how Stile works to assist in network configuration and troubleshooting. While the majority of school IT systems do not require any configuration to use Stile, some firewalls or proxies will require tweaking. We encourage you to look through the checklist below and make any configuration changes you believe are necessary.

What is Stile?

Stile is a modern web app for teachers and students, intended for use both within the classroom and at home. It can be accessed via any modern web browser on any computer or tablet device. Stile provides teachers with tools to quickly design and deliver interactive lessons to their students. Students individually log in and complete those lessons. All work they complete is stored against their username for later access.

Essential checklist:

Stile itself requires no configuration from you; however, there are some optional configurations you may be interested in – see later in this article.

Want to speak to someone?

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia and technical staff are available on the phone (+613 8539 3289) should you have any questions.

White-listing and other configurations

  • White-list, *, and * through your firewall.
  • White-list * and * domains on your email server and any associated third- party spam filters.
  • White-list some domains from Intercom - our live support platform. These are, *,, *, and *
  • Exclude from any traffic shaping or student download limits.
  • Ensure your staff and students have at least Internet Explorer 11, or the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Note that we ended IE9 support during 2015 and IE10 support during 2016.
  • Ensure your students are allowed to send outbound email to and
  • Ensure large file uploads (preferably up to at least 500 MB) are allowed at your proxy/firewall for and *

Supported Browsers

Stile leverages the latest web technologies to deliver its user experience. As such, some older browsers cannot be used to access the app. This only really poses a problem for Internet Explorer, as all other popular modern browsers update automatically.

Internet Explorer 9 and below is not supported.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    Note: Microsoft Edge is preferred on Windows 10 devices.
  • Microsoft Edge Windows 10, v.1151
    Note: Edge's version is tied to Windows' version. Windows 1151 is Microsoft's oldest supported "Current Branch for Business" build.
  • Google Chrome 40+ (Windows/OSX/Android/iOS)
  • Mozilla Firefox 45+ (Windows/OSX)
  • Apple Safari (OSX) 8+
  • Apple Sarari (iOS) 8.4
    Note: Stile may work on lower versions of iOS 8.x, but it is not routinely tested. Microphone access is not available via Safari. Consider using our free iOS app instead.

Browser setting requirements

  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Javascript must be enabled


Stile is an HTML5 and Javascript powered web application. It is designed to be 'single page', such that the page is rarely reloaded in the browser window. This Javascript thin-client connects directly to our REST-based API.

iPad App

Stile has an iPad App for iOS 8.4 and above available on the App Store. This app has the same interface as our web application but allows iOS users to access features not available to Safari, such as the microphone and access to file sharing with other apps.

Traffic Profile

An un-cached fresh hit to will download approximately 1.1 MB of data, however, most of this data is cached, and so subsequent page loads should be less than 10 KB.

In addition to basic website and API traffic, user uploads and downloads of large files, including images, video, documents also occur on If you have implemented any form of bandwidth throttling on your network, please keep in mind that our servers will disconnect IDLE TCP connections after 60 seconds, thereby interrupting downloads or uploads that have been artificially delayed (by throttle) without keep-alive.

Firewall/proxy considerations


Where available, we recommend adding and to your firewall or proxy whitelist. Most schools find this to be the most simple and effective way to ensure their users have a consistent and reliable experience.

If your firewall doesn’t allow wildcard whitelists, be sure to include domains both with and without the ‘www’:

  • www[0-9] (i.e.,, etc
Non-Stile domains

We’ve gone to considerable effort to ensure all resources required to run are available from that single domain. This includes all images, videos and other documents your users embed in or upload to Stile. The exception to this is YouTube and Vimeo videos, which when embedded into Stile lessons will access their respective domains as needed:

  • all Intercom domains listed here
Large file uploads

Stile supports the upload of large files (we’ve tested up to 2 GB) and encourages users to do so within the interface. Note that even when users upload large movie or image files, we automatically transcode them to a much more reasonable size for consumption on the site by other Stile users.


Firewalls/proxies must allow SSL on and on port 443 (standard SSL port). It is not possible to connect to Stile without SSL.

Non-standard HTTP headers

Firewalls/proxies must allow non-standard HTTP headers as per RFC6648. Presently, all non-standard headers are prefixed with “X-“.

HTTP Verbs

Firewalls and proxies must allow all standard HTTP verbs (GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE).

Idle TCP Connections

As discussed above, please exclude * if you have throttling or other systems that may cause a user’s legitimate upload to idle for more than 60 seconds.


From time to time, Stile will send emails to your staff and students with notifications, or to respond to their support enquiries. Email from Stile will only ever come from or addresses. To ensure users receive these emails, we strongly recommend both of these domains be whitelisted in your email server. Don’t forget to also add the whitelist to any spam filters you have running against your email server.

Note we occasionally send many similar looking emails to a broad number of your users, particularly when teachers sign up a whole class of students for the first time. Occasionally, email servers think this is spam and start limiting us in some way. This will result in either delayed or non-delivery of our emails, which is obviously frustrating for users. If you are aware of your server doing this sort of shaping, again consider white-listing our domains from this process.

In addition, students using iPads or iPhones must be able to send outbound email to and We use these domains to allow students to email us files for automatic upload into Stile on devices and operating systems where there is no other upload option.

Usernames and email addresses

At the time of writing, Stile requires that usernames be in the form of a valid email address. If it isn’t possible for your students to have email addresses at this time, we do have some workarounds. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Configuration and integration

Stile is configured by Stile staff prior to deployment at a school. General administrative tasks such as adding new students or staff are done inside the Stile interface by providing their email addresses. Typically, teachers do this individually on a per-class basis, alleviating the burden on IT staff to have this pre-configured. However, bulk configuration of users and subjects is possible and available to you upon request:

  • CSV-based bulk loading.
  • Real-time Active Directory integration

We also offer schools direct access to their data via our REST HTTP API, allowing the creation of custom integrations with Stile.

If you would like more information on any of these data loading and integration options, please get in touch.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy have purposely not been covered in this article. Pleaseconsult our Privacy Policy or get in touch with us and we’ll send you more information on this important topic.


If you have any technical issues or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us – we’re here to help!

Email: Phone: +61 3 8539 3289


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