Add a cover image to a lesson

A quick way to make a lesson more visually engaging is to add a cover image to the lesson's header.

A cover image is an optional way to add a polished look and feel to a custom Stile lesson.


Click Add cover image just below the lesson's title to get started.
Note: If the lesson already has a cover image, click on Change cover image in the top right corner of the existing image.

The image must be at least 1160 pixels wide and at least 330 pixels high.CoverImage-UploadImage.png

Click Upload image to select an image from the computer. Once the image is loaded, it can be moved around by dragging with the cursor. Add a descriptive image caption to assist screen readers and then click Done to save changes.


Where to get great images

Most of Stile's cover images come from Adobe Stock, which requires an account. There are also a variety of places to get great, free stock photos online now. The example image above featuring 3 pugs came from Unsplash, which offers free high-res photos for everyone.

Other resources include Pexels, Pixabay, or a simple Google images search. The most important thing to remember is that the image must meet the minimum size requirements listed above.