Add audio to a lesson

Upload an audio file or record it directly within a Stile lesson.

The audio widget allows teachers to add sound to lessons, either by uploading an audio file or by recording it live. Students have access to this same feature via the Open response widget.

The audio widget is not a question, and so it cannot be marked or require a response from students.


Start by dragging the widget into the lesson. There is no text field available because it is not a question. 

Click upload an audio file if the desired audio is already saved to the computer. Most audio file formats are compatible.

To record live audio, first ensure that the device's microphone is enabled in the browser and then click Start recording.

Add a caption (optional) to describe the recording. Click Done to save changes.

Suggested applications

The audio widget is strongest within the Open response widget, where it can be used to improve accessibility. In particular it allows students with lower literacy or differing abilities to respond by recording audio rather than having to write their answers. Teachers can offer feedback to audio responses, too.