Add audio to a Lesson

Upload an audio file or record directly within a Stile Lesson.


The Audio widget allows teachers to add sound to Lessons either by uploading an audio file or by recording it live. Students have access to this same feature via the Open response widget, which provides an excellent alternative for students who might struggle with longer written responses. 

The Audio widget is not a question, and so it works best when it is used alongside another widget such as an Image widget or a Multiple-choice question. You can also use it in combination with the Side-by-side layout widget.



Add the Audio widget to the Lesson by dragging it in from your content bar. Click the Upload an audio file button and browse for the file on your computer, or you can record audio directly into Stile.



Most audio file formats are compatible for upload. To record audio in Stile, first ensure that your computer's microphone is enabled/allowed in the browser and then click Start recording.

Add an optional caption to describe the recording to your students. Click Done to save changes.


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