Reset a student password

Teachers can create temporary passwords for students to help them quickly log in.

If a student is having trouble logging in at the start of class and their email address is typed correctly, then you can help them get set up quickly by giving them a temporary password. This will only work if the student is enrolled in a Stile Subject which you control. If the student is not yet enrolled in your Subject, then they can request a password reset email via the login page.

Note: If your students normally log in through a school portal, that means your school's Stile account is set up with Single Sign-On (SSO). The student will use the same email and password that they use to access their email inbox. Contact your school's IT staff to reset the password.

Learn more about the benefits of SSO and how to set up your school here.


Temporary passwords can be created for an individual or for a whole class. Watch the video to learn how to create a temporary password for an individual student, or keep reading below.


Create a password for an individual student

Go to the Subject in which your student is enrolled and click the Students button in the green header to go to the Students page. Find your student's name in the class list.

Shortcut: Use your browser's Find tool to quickly search for the student's name. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F for Windows or Cmnd + F for Mac to open the Find tool and enter the student's name or email address.



Once you've found the student, click the Reset password button to the right of their email address to reveal the temporary recovery password. The password is valid for 4 days and will expire as soon as it is used. The student will be asked to create a new password as soon as they log in, and they will receive an email alerting them that their account was accessed using the temporary password.

Note: If the student mistypes their email address then the recovery password still won't work. When you send them the password, provide the email address as well (copied and pasted into a message) and encourage them to use that specific address when logging in with the recovery password.


Print passwords for the whole class

When you print passwords for your students, you are not printing their chosen passwords. Instead, you are generating temporary reset passwords for everyone in the class. Just like creating a password for a single student, these temporary passwords are unique to each account and will only last 4 days.

Protip: Use this feature at the start of the year or at the start of a new term to speed up your first day back to school, when students are more likely to forget their login details!



On the Students page, select the class of students whose passwords you would like to print and then click the Print all passwords button above the list of students.

This will open your browser's print dialogue. The document in the preview window will list your student accounts and their unique temporary passwords. Each student will be bordered by a dotted 'cut here' line.

Click Print to print the document. Before the start of class, cut out the student login details and give each student their slip of paper as they sit down. Once your students log in with the temporary passwords, they will be prompted to create new, permanent passwords. 


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