Using ClickView in Stile

If your school is a ClickView subscriber and using Stile for Schools, you can browse ClickView's library and embed videos directly into any lesson in Stile!

Simply add a ClickView tile to your lesson (see screenshot below)

then log into your ClickView account. 

You'll be able to browse and search ClickView's library of video content. Once you've found a video you like, simply click the 'Add' button to embed it in your lesson.


Interactive video

Stile supports ClickView's new interactive video feature! This allows for questions to pop up inside the video and gives you handy analytics inside of ClickView:

You can access interactive videos from within the 'Workspace' panel in the ClickView Browser.

For more information on how to use ClickView in Stile, see this page on the ClickView website.

If you're not sure what your ClickView ID is or where to get it, please see this article.

If your school is a ClickView subscriber, but you can't see ClickView videos in Stile's content selector (see screenshot at top of page), please contact us and send through your school name as well as your ClickView ID.

Please note that ClickView is currently only available if you are using Stile for Schools.

ClickView requires students to have their own accounts and login details. 

Also, due to ClickView restrictions, it only works on iOS devices via Safari (not the Stile iPad app) when logged in via


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