By default, lessons in Stile are not assessed and there are no marks associated with tasks.

A lot of research in the field suggests that assigning marks to work does not increase learning, so we've turned them off by default.

If you'd like to assign marks to work for assessments, you can do so in the top-left-hand corner of any lesson.

Assessment mode allows you to add marks in the 'Out of' box of each question.

Assessed lessons have a slightly different icon (a pen rather than a pencil), have the word assessment next to them inside of folders and there is a large orange 'Assessment' tab in the top-left-hand corner of the lesson itself:

Automated feedback (in multiple choice questions) will not show up in assessed activities until you release feedback to students. With non-assessed lessons, automated feedback will appear as soon as students submit their work.

Once you leave feedback, students are assigned a percentage score for their work, both on their lesson and in Submissions.

To get a more detailed overview of your students' marks, we recommend you export them to Excel. See this article for more details.


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