Live polls

What is live polling and what can I do with it?

Simply put, live polling is a fast and effective way to gauge your learners’ opinions or understanding. In a sense, it’s like raising your hand in Stile.


Teachers can:

  1. open and close voting at any point
  2. choose whether or not the poll results are visible to students
  3. specify how many options students can pick.


How do I create a live poll?

Live polls can be added anywhere in a Lesson.

Simply click on or drag in the Live poll widget from the content sidebar to add a poll to the lesson:

Type a prompt or question into the box provided, followed by two or more options for your students to pick from:


Some interesting use cases for live polls

Made for flipping

Most of you would be familiar with the concept of the flipped classroom (check out our ongoing series of blog posts on flipped learning), but a common issue often faced by teachers is that their students don’t do their homework, or they cheat by sharing answers with their friends.

Setting up a quick live poll to be conducted in class is a great way to check whether your students have understood the content you asked them to digest at home.

Here’s how:

1. Preparation: Set up a lesson (perhaps with a video, some text and perhaps a few multiple choice comprehension questions) and ask students to complete it at home.

Students pick the option they think is right and you, as the teacher, see who has been able to apply the knowledge and who hasn’t by clicking on the blue bars. 


2. Set up a ‘have they actually watched it?’ live poll with a few questions that test whether students have absorbed the material. This could initially be about what content was covered. 

You could even ask them if they've watched the video/read the article etc:


3. The comprehension poll - Your next poll can now be a bit more abstract.

Peer instruction

 Peer instruction or peer teaching is a student-centred teaching strategy pioneered by Eric Mazur

  1. Create a poll question and add choices based on students' responses to their pre-class work in Stile
  2. Students reflect on the question and each student picks one individual poll option.
  3. Lock the poll by switching it from 'Open' to 'Closed'
  4. Click on each option to reveal who voted for which option
  5. Group students so that each peer discussion has one student from each vote group. 
  6. Students discuss their thinking and votes with their peers

For example, if students were studying photosynthesis, you could post this poll, like Alan November did at one of our community events:


5. Poll again - After the discussion, run the same poll again and see if it differs from the first one - we can almost guarantee that it will, hopefully for the better!

  1. As students are discussing, duplicate the poll from the poll's 'More' menu
  2. Students then vote again on the duplicated poll
  3. Reviews responses and decide whether more explanation is needed before moving on to the next concept.

For example, ask students who chose unusual answers to explain to the class why they have chosen them

Many students will get more out of a discussion with their peers than from a 'lecture'.

Happy polling!