Live poll question

Live polls are multiple choice questions with no wrong answers and no marks.



The Live poll question is a fast and effective way to gauge your students’ opinions or understanding. It can also prompt some lively discussion if the responses are divided. You can use polls to create whole surveys to record student sentiment at the end of the term or year. The Live poll acts like a question in that students can interact with it, but it is not marked as there is no correct answer.


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How to set up the poll


The Live poll widget can be found in the Collaborative tools section of your content bar in Prepare mode. If you can't see the content bar in your Lesson, click on the Add content tab sticking to the right edge of your page.



When writing the question, you have access to the full rich text toolbar that includes options for formatting, special characters, and mathematical notation. Click here for a complete tutorial on what's available. You may want to help your students with some visual cues, such as writing keywords in bold or highlighting details with italics



Write the poll options next. You can make as many as you want. More options will appear as you fill them in, and blank options will be omitted from the final result.

Specify how many poll options your students can choose. The example above is set to allow students to select the maximum number of options because they might use different transit modes throughout the week.

Click the blue Done button in the lower right corner of the widget when you are satisfied with the question's setup.

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How students interact with the poll


Students working through your Lesson will see the question as you've written it followed by the poll options. Clicking on a response option will highlight it. If you've set the results to be visible, then your students will also see the number of responses to each question from their classmates.

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How to review student responses

Teach mode allows you to review your students' responses during class and control the settings of the poll. This is great for when you want to close the poll and make answers visible for discussion.



The number of responses to each option will already be visible to you, and they will update as students select their options. We recommend keeping the responses hidden to your students while they are working to reduce the amount of social influence on their answers. When you are ready to discuss the question, toggle Voting to Closed and switch the Results toggle to Visible. This will let your students see how others responded, and it will also prevent them from changing their own answers.

Click on a poll option to reveal which students selected it. In the example above, the teacher might want to ask students why they walk or arrive by car, rather than other modes.



In Analyse mode, the poll question will be visible in the Question Analysis section. Click on the question to reveal the options and their results. You can then click on a poll option to reveal who selected that response. 

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