Manage your customized Concierge Lessons

Effectively maintain and distribute your Concierge resources with these helpful tips.

Stile's Concierge service is included in every school's subscription. Our team of in-house science teachers are available to enhance your Scope & Sequence, convert your paper science tests into Stile assessments, and provide one-to-one coaching. Learn more about Stile Concierge services here.

Note: This article assumes some prior knowledge of how to use Stile, and so it is peppered with links to other tutorials. If you are unsure of how to do something, click the related link to open step-by-step instructions in a new browser tab.


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See the resources on your homepage

When the Concierge team completes your request, your Head of Department will be added as a co-teacher to a new Subject containing the Concierge resources.
If you are a co-teacher in this Subject, it is best to keep it student-free. Using the Concierge Subject solely for planning purposes is recommended so you can further customize Lessons without the risk of overwriting student work.



You can reduce the risk of this happening accidentally by moving the Concierge Subject to the bottom of your homepage. Hover your mouse over the Subject's name and the book icon will change to an up-down arrow. Click and drag the Subject to the bottom of your Subject list. You can use the same action to move your most frequently used Subjects to the top of your list. This will only affect your view of the Subjects on your homepage and no one else's. 

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Share the resources in your school library


The Concierge team will also share the resources to your school library to allow the rest of your science teachers to grab copies for themselves. Every school in Stile has its own private library, separate from the Stile Science library. You can use this library to share custom resources with your colleagues. Learn more about how to share your resources through the library here

We recommend using the school library to share these resources rather than adding co-teachers to your Concierge Subject for a couple of reasons:

  • It prevents teachers from mistakenly editing or deleting the main copy of the resources, rather than modifying their own copies;
  • It prevents teachers from mistakenly adding students to the main Concierge Subject and using it as their own.

Let your colleagues know where to find the Concierge resources in the school library. They can add the resources to their own existing Subject, or create a new Subject to start fresh. The school library allows you to copy individual Folders or to copy the whole collection from a Subject at once.

If they are unfamiliar with how to access and use the school library on Stile, you can send them this step-by-step guide:

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Use the resources with your students


To use the resources with your own students, copy what you want to use and paste them into a Subject you've already created. If you haven't made a Subject to use with your students yet, you can duplicate the Concierge Subject. Duplicating the Subject will give you an exact copy of all of the Lessons within the Concierge Subject. Move the new copy to the top of your homepage, click into it, and then rename the Subject to something that will make sense for your students (e.g. Year 8 Science, not Concierge Year 8!). 

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Get Concierge updates throughout the year


If you have requested Concierge services that span multiple terms throughout the school year, your resources will be updated as the year progresses. The Concierge team will notify you anytime new resources are ready, and your school library will be updated to reflect this. Notify your colleagues of these updates so that they can copy the new resources from the school library into their Subjects. 

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