FAQ: Ride the latest wave with Stile

The following FAQ is designed to help you prepare for going remote, cover staff absences, and keep your students on track through the current Omicron outbreaks.

This article will act as a living FAQ. We will do our best to answer questions as they come about so that you can stay on top of the wave.

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How can I make sure I’m ready to switch to remote learning at a moment’s notice?

Stile can help you provide continuity of learning by transitioning seamlessly from school to home and back again. A mix of live teaching, student interaction, and independent work is the key to success.

If you are new to Stile, check out our Getting Started series here. Or if you are returning from last year, read our tutorial to Get Ready for 2022.

Communicate frequently with your students to ensure they are aware of the schedule and expectations. Teachers have done this really well via email, or alternatively by creating daily or weekly “bulletin” lessons within Stile. The latter option also gives you an easy platform for virtual “office hours,” wherein you can open up Class Discussion so students can ask questions.

Make sure you are familiar with your preferred video conferencing software, as well as the tools available directly in Stile to help keep your students on track throughout the term. You can find more tips for remote teaching in Stile here.

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How can my department prepare for unexpected staff absences?

Your school’s Stile Admin can manage co-teachers in any active subject. The admin is usually your HoD. Your CRT does not need to have a school/DET email address. They can use a personal email to create a Stile account and access the subjects to which they’re invited.

Given the current climate with the pandemic, we recommend that your school nominates alternate admins. Stile schools can have more than one! Your current admin will need to email help@stileeducation.com and request that the new admins be upgraded on the school account.

We also encourage you to implement a “buddy system” by adding your colleagues as co-teachers to your subjects. This isn’t for the purpose of sharing the subjects, but in the event you are absent they can easily take over your classes or give access to CRTs. To make this buddy system as clear as possible, make sure your name is in the title of the subject (if you’ve already made your subjects, you can rename them) so your colleagues can easily tell the subjects apart on their Stile homepage.

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How can I support students who are isolating at home?

Students who are unable to attend in-person class will still need access to your instruction, and teaching in a hybrid class environment can prove challenging because your students in remote attendance won’t get the same opportunities to ask questions and seek further information. Instead, we recommend you record your classroom sessions for remote students to watch in their own time while working through the activities.

Give them ample opportunity to talk to you during virtual “office hours,” either via Class Discussion or video conferencing. Build some flexibility into your due dates and expectations to accommodate unknown stresses at home, and add links to Stile lessons in your LMS calendar or other regular communications to make it as easy as possible for them to stay on track.

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How can I help my students who don’t have reliable home internet access?

Stile lessons are available to download as PDF or to print. While this means you lose the interactivity of certain elements such as videos and simulations, it will still allow students to complete the work and deliver it back to you. If you expect this may be a consideration for one or more of your students this term, then consider creating some differentiated copies of your lessons to help optimize them for print. Replace videos with transcripts and/or images, remove simulations or provide links in case your students still have limited mobile data access, and print lessons for the student or their parent/guardian to collect from the school on a weekly basis. If you record your virtual classroom sessions, save a copy of the video file to a USB stick and include it with the printed lessons.

If your students complete some activities on paper, their work can still be recorded in the Stile Markbook. You can find a tutorial on how to do this here.

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How can we help parents/guardians prepare for remote learning?

If you use a learning management system to communicate with parents and guardians, make sure they have access to the same lesson and schedule information as their students. Take advantage of the parent email templates available in most Stile units. You may also want to direct them to our Getting Started for Students article, especially if their students are new to Stile as well, so they're aware of what Stile looks like and how their students will interact with it. 

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