Print model answers

Print or save a PDF copy of the model answers for your Lesson.

Model answers are embedded into each question in Stile to help you mark student responses, and to help students revise their work. Students can only see Model answers once you release them; they are not visible while students are working, nor can they be viewed if a student submits their work.

You may want to save a copy of the Model answers for reference by either printing them or saving them to your computer as a PDF. 



Click into the Lesson you want to print and make sure you are in Prepare mode. This can be selected via the toggle near the top right corner of the page. Below that toggle are the Due date button, the Print button, and the (...) button for more options. 



Click on the Print button and then select Print model answers.

Note: These print options are only available to teachers, and not students. When a student prints a lesson, they will get whatever is visible to them in the browser. This means they cannot print the model answers unless you have released answers and feedback already.



Your browser's print dialogue window will appear and allow you to either send the document to your printer or to save it as a PDF. You can select your preference by changing the document's Destination

You can learn more about printing Stile Lessons here.


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