Discuss model answers with your students

Use model answers while teaching to prompt discussion with your students.

Model answers are embedded into each question in Stile to help you mark student responses, and to help students understand the content. You can also use Stile's presentation view, called Teach mode, to show your students the model answers during discussions and compare them to student responses. 



Teach mode is a presentation mode designed to help you lead discussion and flow throughout a Lesson. Among the tools available are the options to show student responses to each question, and to show the model answers. If you are not yet familiar with Teach mode, you can learn more here.



Click on the Show model answer button above a question to bring the model answer up on display. This only appears for you, and you can share it with the classroom using a projector or smartboard. It does not appear on the students' individual screens. 



You can also present the model answer alongside your students' responses to compare and discuss. Click on the Show responses button above the question, and then click on the Compare tab. This view will anonymize the answers by default by hiding your students' names. You can change this by clicking Snow names.


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