View your school's Stile usage data

Stile school admins have access to an insights report, which breaks down student and teacher activity throughout the year.

School insights can help you lead your fellow teachers in using Stile at its fullest potential. See who has been active lately and in which Subjects, so you know where your help is needed the most. 



The Insights page can be accessed from your Stile home page by clicking the School insights [beta] button, next to the Manage staff button. This button will only appear if you are an admin of your school on Stile.



At the top of the Insights page you'll find graphs showing student and teacher activity throughout this year, as well as the total number of students and teachers who have used Stile at your school. Hover your cursor over the graph to see the specific data for that day.



Next is a list of teachers enrolled at your school, sorted by when they were last online. Click the Manage staff button at the top of the list to go to your Manage staff page.

Protip: If you're looking for a specific teacher or subject, use the Ctl/Cmd+F keyboard shortcut to open your browser's search function.




Last on the page is a list of all active Subjects at your school, sorted by the most recent student activity. Click the names of the teachers in a Subject to go directly to that Subject's staff management page, where you can add and remove co-teachers (including yourself). 



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