The Stile Quiz App (Squiz)

Enhance your students' learning and track their progress with Stile's mobile companion app.

Stile Quiz (or "Squiz") is a flashcard app that can help your students master the fundamentals of science outside the classroom. The units available in Stile Quiz cover all core terminology for Years 7-10. 
Stile Quiz is available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and the Apple App Store




Track your students' progress in Stile Quiz

Stile Quiz does not require students to log in, and so it does not synchronize with Stile accounts. To assign Stile Quiz as homework and track student progress, use the Squiz Homework Lesson template available in the Stile Science Library, within the Teacher resources and templates unit. Learn more about how to use the teacher resources and templates here.

You can duplicate this Lesson for each session of Squiz homework you want to assign. It includes two very basic questions for your students to complete and submit.



Question 1 prompts your students to record which Squiz topic they're working on and when it should be mastered by; and

Question 2 asks your students to upload screenshots of their mastery.

Stile Quiz can be a great way to keep your students engaged in the topic outside of the classroom. It can also enhance revision with a bit of fun! 


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