Give feedback on student work

Stile's collection of marking tools help you leave fast, effective, and targeted comments on your students' work.

Effective feedback can have a hugely positive impact on a student's understanding of the coursework. Stile's tools help you reduce your marking time so you can focus on the most crucial elements of the Lesson:

  • Multiple choice questions are automatically marked;
  • Key questions that directly address learning goals are highlighted;
  • Quick review allows you to scroll through student answers to a single, specific question.

Click through below to read more about how you can leave fast, effective feedback:


Review all work on a single Lesson

Start by looking at the Lesson in Analyse mode to get an overview of your Class' work. Click into the Lesson you want to review, and then switch the view toggle near the top right corner of the page to Analyse.

Note: Click here to learn more about Analyse mode if you are not familiar with it.



Browse through the Question analysis section to see if there are any auto-marked questions that need to be addressed. If the graphs are more red than green, then there might be a misconception or gap in your Class' understanding. Click on the question to drill down further and see how each student answered.



Next, focus on the Key questions. These questions will be bolded and marked by a star icon. Key questions directly address the learning goals stated at the beginning of each Lesson, and so they are an excellent indicator of overall student comprehension. Learn more about Key questions here

Click on a question's View responses button to open Quick review. This will allow you to view each student's response to that question alongside the model answer, mark the response right or wrong, and optionally add comments. Quick review has a range of keyboard shortcuts and other tools, which you can learn about here.



If you want to take a closer look at a specific student's answers, then you can find their name in the Working or Submitted groups at the top of the Analyse page and click on it to jump directly to their worksheet.

From this view, each question will have marking and feedback tools below the student's response as well as a summary feedback box at the bottom of the page. (Read about summary feedback below.)

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Review a student's progress over multiple Lessons

The Markbook allows you to see a snapshot of your students' work across the whole Subject, with the ability to drill down for further information and access individual worksheets to review. The Lessons are organized by the order in which they appear on your Lessons page, and students are sorted within their Classes alphabetically by first name or surname. Click on the Markbook button in your Subject's header - between the Students button and the Options menu - to access your Markbook.

Note: If you are not familiar with how to navigate the Markbook, learn more here.



Find your student's name on the left, or use the Markbook filters to focus solely on one student or a group of students. Scroll left and right to see their work across the entire Subject. The Markbook icons can give you a sense of which Lessons the student has completed, which ones they have not yet opened, and you can also see the overall marks earned on Assessed Lessons like quizzes and unit tests. Click on an icon to view more info regarding the student's efforts, including the number of attempts made on the work and any summary feedback you left for them. (You can learn more about summary feedback below.)



Click through to go directly to that student's worksheet. From this view, each question will have marking and feedback tools below the student's response as well as a summary feedback box at the bottom of the page. (Read about summary feedback below.) You can also see model answers to the open-ended questions and the auto-marked answers to multiple choice questions and interactive canvas questions. 

Note: This view of your student's worksheet is not indicative of what your student sees. Students will not be able to see answers until you release them, even though they are visible to you (read more below).

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Leave summary feedback on a student's worksheet

Summary feedback appears at the bottom of every student's worksheet. On assessments, it includes the total number of marks awarded. You can write comments, record audio, and upload a file to help your student review their work. The summary comments also appear in your Markbook when you click on a work icon to view more info. 

To leave summary feedback for a student, click into their worksheet either from the Markbook or from Analyse mode and then scroll to the bottom of the page. If you would like to upload more than one file, then ZIP them first and upload the .zip file. 

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Release the feedback and answers for your students to see

Your comments and summary feedback will appear to your students immediately and automatically unless the Lesson is an Assessment. This means you can comment on student work while they are still working on it to help guide them in the right direction. Auto-marked answers and model answers will remain hidden until you release them to your students. Comments and feedback on assessments will also be hidden until you release them.


You can release answers to a whole Class, a select group of students, or an individual student via the Markbook. Learn more about Class controls here.



You can also release answers and feedback to an individual student directly from the bottom of their worksheet. This can be helpful when a student is working on a differentiated Lesson or if they are making up work from earlier absences.

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