Unit update notifications

Notification banners will help you deliver the most up-to-date versions of Stile science lessons.

Stile science units update frequently with new features, added questions and Lessons, refined structure, career profiles, and general fixes for broken links and typos. These updates are only reflected in the Stile science library, and not the copy you add to your Subject.

Note: This article assumes some prior knowledge of how to use Stile, so there are links to supporting articles available throughout. Reach out to the Stile Support team if anything is unclear, and they will help you update your resources.



When a unit you've copied receives an update, a grey notification will appear in the Folder's header and a text box will appear in the Folder's contents, just above the Overview for students. The text box includes a link to the updated unit in the library.

If you wish to ignore the notification (if your students have completed the unit, for example), then you can close the text box by clicking the X in its top right corner.

Note: Unit update notifications only appear on Folders copied from the Stile science library. They will not apply to Folders copied from your school library.


Update your copy of the unit

Click the blue View new version in the library button to go directly to the updated unit. Next, click the blue + Add unit button as if you were copying it for the first time. 



A prompt will let you know that you've already made a copy of this unit. Do not click the blue Launch existing copy button. This will only take you back to your current, outdated copy.

Instead, click the white Make a new copy button and then click the blue Continue button to confirm. Follow the prompt back to your Subject once the copy is completed.



The new copy of the unit will appear at the top of your Subject. Click on the down arrow in the Folder's header to close the Folder, and then use your cursor to click-and-drag the Folder down to where it is next to the old copy.

If your students have not yet started working on the unit, then you can delete the entire old Folder. If some of the Lessons contain student work, however, then you can move those Lessons into the new Folder.

Open the new Folder and click the Hide all button. This will do two things: It will hide the new Folder from any students who happen to be looking in your Subject at the moment; and it will help you differentiate between the new Lessons (hidden) and the old Lessons (released).



Move any Lessons you want to keep into the new Folder by dragging them with your cursor. Next, select the old Lesson copies using the tickboxes to the left of their titles and then click the Delete button that appears near the top right corner of the Folder. Finally, delete the old Folder. 

This will leave you with the old Lessons which students have already completed, new Lessons with improved content, and no more Update available notification. 

Protip: If you delete the wrong Lesson by mistake, don't panic! Lessons and Folders go to the Subject's recycle bin, where you can restore them with just a couple of clicks.


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