Use Lesson templates to enhance your custom resources

The Stile science library includes a collection of Lesson templates and teaching resources to help you create outstanding custom Lessons.

The templates and resources unit, which you can find here, includes thinking routines, Interactive canvases, practical activities, blank activities and quizzes, and other helpful documents.



Like all Stile Lessons, the templates are fully customizable to your learning goals. You may want to use Stile templates when:

  • Creating a new Lesson, test, or practical activity;
  • Converting a favourite resource or task to Stile; or
  • Customizing existing Stile content.

Note: This article is recommended for more experienced Stile-ists. If you're new to Stile, we suggest first having a look at our Getting Started series which covers the basics of how to set up and start using your Stile account.


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Access the templates

To access the templates, navigate to the Stile science library via or by clicking here
Locate the Teacher resources and templates unit, and click the blue Add unit button to copy the resources into your account. 

If you're unsure how to add a unit to your Subject, click here for step-by-step instructions.

The unit will be copied into a new Folder labeled Teacher resources and templates.



Note: Make sure to hide all the Lessons from your students once the Teacher resources and templates Folder is created. We recommend adding a note to the title to remind yourself and any co-teachers to keep the Folder hidden.

Once the Teacher resources and templates unit is copied into your account, you can then copy and paste the templates you'd like to use with your students. You can either copy entire Lessons or single widgets.

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Move a template into a student-facing Folder

Lesson templates are useful when planning an entire Lesson such as a practical activity, an investigation, an engineering challenge, or a quiz.

Before you edit the template to suit your Lesson, you will need to copy it from the Teacher resources and templates Folder into a Folder that students are able to access. 



Firstly, find the template to be copied and click into it. Click the More menu located above the cover photo and then select the Copy option.



Once copied, click into the Subject where the Lesson will be pasted. Choose which Folder will hold the Lesson or create a new Folder. Click on the More menu in the Folder's header and select Paste lesson here.

The Lesson will appear at the bottom of the Folder, ready to be edited.

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Copy elements from templates into your own Lessons

Widget templates are a single activity or question which form part of a Lesson. The templates include various thinking routines, drag and drop tasks, and balancing chemical equation questions.



Locate the widget to be copied and click on its green More menu. Select the Copy option from the menu that appears.

Next, locate and click into the Lesson in which the widget will be pasted.

Protip: Open this Lesson in a second browser tab ahead of time to speed up the process!



Pick a space to paste the widget and click the "More" menu on the widget directly above that space. Select the Paste option from the menu, and the new widget will appear in the space below.



If the Lesson is blank, then select the paste option from the Lesson's More menu in the top right corner of the cover image.

The new widget will appear at the top of the Lesson. From there, it can be edited and moved normally.

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Edit a template


The templates are designed to be edited to suit your learning goals and are fully customizable. Don't need a section or a question? Delete it! Want the content in a different order? Rearrange widgets by clicking and dragging



Many question templates utilize the versatile Interactive canvas. To learn more about how to edit the content of an Interactive canvas question, click here

Once your Lesson content is arranged to your liking, remember to add model answers where appropriate, and release the Lesson to your students!

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